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When planned, LED yard lighting can transform the look of your exterior. A beautiful illuminated exterior is a perfect place to spend time during the day and at night. Lighting enhances the appearance of a space. It makes the area look bright during the night and also makes it safe for people using it.

LED yard lighting provides a safe and inviting area outside a commercial property. It can make it more dramatic. Well-placed flood lights can highlight building facades and features. Shoebox lights can brighten parking areas. Wall Pack lights can brighten the areas around a building. All yard lighting can enhance safety for people who are walking or driving.

What are Yard lights?

Yard lights are a combination of many types of outdoor fixtures. There are many types of lights that can provide general and security lighting for an outdoor yard area. No one type of light is uniquely qualified or designed specifically to be a yard light. Below we have amassed a list of common outdoor LED Lights can be used to provide yard lighting.

LED Flood Lights

400w Industrial LED Flood Light

Spotlights and flood yard lights are two popular options for yard lighting.

Spotlights usually provide a beam of light no wider than 45° wide. They're used to highlight specific exterior features, like architectural detailing and signage. They are also the go-to lights when to focus light to a specific area without causing light pollution. Spotlights can be in LED lighting designs that use light and shadow for visual interest.

Flood yard lights have a wider beam spread. They're for places where broader illumination's needed. For instance, they illuminate a large patio or a parking area. The beam spread of floodlights is over 45° and goes up to 120°. Floodlights are an excellent choice for area and security lighting. They can flood an area with high quality light.

LED Shoebox

LED Shoe Box Lights

LED shoebox yard lights are perfect for large areas requiring broad-scope light. They're used for lighting up parking lots. LED Shoebox Fixtures can replace 250W, 400W and 1000W HID fixtures.

The lights can have 0-10v dimming and offer a high level of control. You can add controls to a shoebox fixture. Photocells turn the light on at dusk and off at dawn. Motion sensors can turn off or dim after a period of no motion.

LED Wall Packs

LED Wall Packs

Wall pack yard lights are lights installed on the outer-facing walls of buildings. They provide illumination to areas used by drivers and pedestrians. They can light up building façades. They work well in spaces with a lot of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Full cutoff: These wall packs project light only downwards and are Dark Sky compliant. Because they light up the wall and the area beneath, they do not cause light trespass.

Semi cutoff: These project light downwards but some of it goes upwards. Because of this, they only prevent light pollution to an extent and are not Dark Sky compliant.

Forward throw: These direct light far out. They provide the best source of flood lighting compared to the other designs.

LED Security

LED Security Lights

Security Lighting incorporates a motion sensor. That allows for the lights to switch to full brightness when there's motion. Motion sensors install on most LED Fixtures. The nature of LED lends itself perfect to switching from full brightness, dim, and off at a moment's notice.

They are the perfect addition to Yard Lights. Where areas and building perimeters could benefit using LED Yard Security Lighting.

LED High Mast

LED High Mast Lights

High mast yard lights are in industrial applications that need very bright light. You can find them mounted on tall poles in ports, large parking lots, and large storage yards.

One of the biggest benefits of high mast lights is they provide even distributed light. Choosing a combination of optics and lumens provides good coverage and proper brightness.

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