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Class 2 Div 2 LED Lighting

What Is Class 2 Division 2 LED Lighting?

Class 2 Division 2, or C2D2, is a classification of explosion ratings associated with dust and fibers. It’s designed to work in explosive environments and hazardous conditions where ignitable concentrations of dust, fibers, or flyings are sometimes present. It is not a classification of gases, vapors, and liquids, which is covered in Class 1 Division 2.

Will Class 1 Division 2 certified lights work in a Class 2 Division 2 environment?

We can’t speak for every explosion-proof rated fixture, but all our Class 1 Division 2 rated fixtures are also Class 2, Division 2, Groups F, and G rated.

What are Groups F and G that are associated with our Class 2 Division 2 Lights?

Group F are areas where combustible carbon-based dusts, like coal and charcoal are present.
Group G are areas are for other combustible dusts not included above are present. These include wood, grain and sugar dusts.

How do I know if your Class 2 Division 2 light fixtures are UL-compliant?

All our explosion-proof lights are tested under the UL844 explosion-proof standard. We list the Classes, Divisions, and Groups that each light is tested to with each fixture. And all our light fixtures are Class 2 Division 2 lighting UL Compliant.

All our Explosion Proof Lights are Class 2 Division 2 rated. Where can I find a list of them?

All the explosion-proof lights on our site are Class 2 Division 2 rated. We have listed all these lights by either Class 1 Division 1 or Class 1 Division 2.

All Class 1 Division 1 lights are also Class 2 Division 2 rated.

All Class 1 Division 2 lights are also Class 2 Division 2 rated.


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