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Paint Booth Lighting Design

Why should you consider doing a lighting plan for your paint booth? Paint booths needs to be bright, and have well distributed lighting across the entire indoor space. Many paint booths have both ceiling mounted and wall mounted fixtures, and understanding how the space will look after a conversion to LED is important in the decision making process.

A paint booth lighting plan will solve that problem. It shows light locations, foot candle measurements, and how well and even the space is lit. Without a lighting plan, its a complete guess on what to use.


Paint Booth Lighting Plan

Paint Booth Render

LED Spray Booth Lights

The proper application of spray booth lighting fixtures is critical. Maintaining safe, operating lighting where dust or paint fumes can't affect the lighting system - common in an automotive body shop.

Our UL listed explosion proof fixtures are designed to meet all qualifications for paint booths. This allows you to maintain proper paint booth lighting requirements. We offer both Class 1 Div 1 and Class 1 Div 2 Lighting, depending on your specific needs.

We found that matching explosion proof qualifications with LED technology works best. Automotive body shops can maintain a safe lighting system in industrial environments with ignitable fumes. And reduce energy costs by up to 75% and reducing costs of a typical paint booth lighting system.

Retrofit Fluorescent Paint Booth Fixtures with Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kits

If your spray booth has fluorescent fixtures, there is no need to replace the entire fixture. Consider using our magnetic strip retrofit kits. Each 4 ft strip produces  2100 lumens and are available as 2, 3 or 4 strip kits. Each kit only uses 1 led driver.

Installation is simple. Remove the ballast and tubes. Install the driver where the ballast is. Connect the two wires that powered the ballast to the LED Driver. Snap in the magnetic strip retrofit kits. Quick connect the strips to the driver. Clean the glass. Done!

Even the driver has a magnetic base, so installation couldn't be simpler. And a 4 strip kit produces 8400 lumens. That's a lot of light!

Color Accuracy is great with 80+ CRI.

Increased Usability with LED

Paint booths need good lights that are not only safe, but also functional. The LED technology we use in our explosion proof paint booth lights gives off quality light in proper amounts. This allows for the perfect contrast and illumination ensuring a good paint job. Also, LED spray booth lights turn on and off instantly and don't need a warm up time. Allowing your line to be more productive.

Paint Spray Booth Image

Paint Spray Booth Image

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