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Paint Booth Design Lighting Layout

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What Is Included With A Lighting Plan?

Checkmark Custom lighting layout with count & Placement
Checkmark Foot candle and light balance calculations
Checkmark Light fixture recommendation and quote
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How long does it take to get a plan?

Indoor1-2 business days
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A paint booth design lighting layout is a report detailing a paint booth with lights installed showing foot candle levels at locations within the paint booth. The unique thing about paint booths over other indoor areas is that lights are also mounted on the walls to light up vertical surfaces, such as cars. So, vertical light levels are just as important as horizontal light levels.

The industry standard for a paint booth is between 100 to 150 foot candles (about 1076 to 1614 lux) at 3 feet height above floor level. If you opt for a different foot candle – then light quality, placement, and size need to be adjusted accordingly. We provide (free) lighting plans for paint booths to ensure the paint booth LED lights we recommend will meet your needs.

Spray booths tend to be limited in size and area. It’s important that the lighting is very bright so that the painting process can be done professionally. Therefore, it is quite common to see light levels in the 60-100 foot candle range. Since the space is so small, it’s not hard to achieve these light levels.

The most important first step is to understand what type of spraying you’re doing. If your spray booth process creates explosive paint vapors, then you should use explosive-proof lighting. Do not substitute vapor-proof lighting for explosion-proof light.

From there, it’s a function of understanding the factors of your spray booth: size, brightness, and application, and whether you want to replace your existing fixtures or retrofit your fixtures.

If the vapors produced are explosive, then use explosion-proof lighting. We have many formats of explosion-proof lighting.

These paint spray booth light fixtures include ceiling and wall-mounted fixtures. We offer linear fixtures as well as compact square/round lights. We can even offer flood lighting to light up areas in large-sized spray booths.

We never recommend the number of fixtures, but once we understand your light level requirements, we can create the lighting plan. From it will come the number of fixtures you need from your requirements.