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LED Park Lighting


Need a Free LED Park Lighting Plan?

<p>Need a Free LED Park Lighting Plan?</p>

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LED Park Lighting

Playground Lighting

Play Area (playground)

Child development experts agree on one thing: unstructured play is vital to a child's development. Play promotes physical activity, creativity, conflict management skills, and interpersonal skills. And one place where children can have unstructured play is the playground.

Often, the best playground in the local park is the one that's easily accessible to families. It's not uncommon to see children with their families on playgrounds until after dark.

A well-lit playground can extend play time throughout the year. Even into fall and winter when it gets dark early. Hazards are plenty in playgrounds and good lighting lowers the chance of children getting hurt.


Public Park Lighting

Walkways and Biking Trails

Walkways and biking trails should have proper illumination to improve safety and security. LED lighting not only makes people feel safe for their evening stroll or ride their bicycles. It also changes the look of the space and enhances the aesthetics. LED lights can emphasize focal points like water fountains and beautiful ancient trees. Steps, ramps, and places with height differences are well-lit so people can easily see them.

When LED lights are installed on pathways and trails, they provide the best safety, enjoyment, and comfort for people visiting the park.


Church Lighting

Parking Lot

It's essential for any establishment to keep its parking lot safe. Public parks and recreational areas are not exempt. If the lighting in a parking lot is not enough the likelihood for accidents increases. Personal security will be threatened.

During the day, parking lots are usually well illuminated by natural light. When nighttime comes, proper lighting determines if a parking lot is safe. And whether there is clear visibility.

People usually avoid poorly-lit parking lots at night because they don't feel safe. Low security is the major cause of parking lot crime. Also, if the lights are not bright, security cameras can't capture all the happenings in a parking lot. Accidents may occur because drivers are unable to see clearly.

Officials for parks and recreational areas should consider installing bright lights that are cost-effective in parking lots. For instance, they can have a Flood light installed. If these lights are properly aimed and shielded, they will direct the light where it's needed. In covered parking lots, canopy lights can be used instead of flood lights.


Public Park Lights

Sports Ground

Players and athletes enjoy playing under bright, powerful lights. Each sporting activity usually has a central playing area where good light is crucial for the players to concentrate on the game. High-quality light with low glare is also vital for spectators who come to see the game.

Every sport that is played at night has its own lighting needs. For example, the light required in a tennis court is different from that in a basketball court. The sporting objects vary in size and players must see the ball at all times, despite its speed or location.

Lighting installed on a sports ground requires a high level of robustness and flexibility. Training and competition need ideal lighting conditions. Proper light fixtures ensure ideal visual conditions and chances of injury decrease. The lights used should offer visual comfort, uniformity, and prevent obtrusive light.

Flood lights used in sports grounds provide enough light for sporting activities thanks to the high level of brightness. They can be installed on light towers to expand the range of light. With the right configurations, a sports ground may only need a few flood lights for adequate light, and cut down costs in the process.

3 Ways LEDs Benefit Parks and Recreational Areas


LED park in the snow

1. LEDs Boost Safety When It Gets Dark

One of the biggest benefits of LED lighting is enhancing safety. LED lighting can help enhance the perception of safety and boost park usage.

Public parks in some neighborhoods see a lot of gang activity and gang-related crimes. Particularly higher during summer. Because of this, community leaders and local parks implemented a program called Summer Night Lights in Los Angeles. It makes sure that families and children are safe from violence in their homes and neighborhoods.

The Summer Night Lights program prolongs the nighttime hours for parks in troubled neighborhoods. The lights are on until midnight in summer. The program also sponsors family-oriented activities and nighttime movies 4 days a week.

Because of the program, crime rates in the parks have drastically gone down in summer months. Summer Night Lights has also become a countrywide model for lowering crime by keeping the lights on a bit longer.

Well-lit parks and recreational areas give people that much-needed sense of security. They feel confident when they step out after sundown. Good lighting also improves visibility for cyclists and reduces the risk of accidents.


2. LEDs Illuminate a Park Longer, Thanks To Long Lifespan

LED park lighting fixtures are the best choice with regard to lighting a public park. The technology they use is superior to every other lighting technology in existence. The lifespan of LEDs is 75% longer than that of traditional lighting fixtures. Something that makes them very cost-effective.

These light fixtures are durable. Those designed for outdoor use are usually vandal-resistant. LEDs don't burn out like metal halides, high pressure sodium lamps, or compact fluorescents. Individual diodes may stop working as the lifespan of the bulb comes to an end.

LED light fixtures can be fitted with motion sensors or photocells and can be powered by solar. Some people may complain about the issue of light pollution – with regard to outdoor lighting. This isn't a problem with LEDs as most park lighting setups cut light pollution and light trespass. The desired level of brightness is maintained.


3. LEDs Beautify the Park or Highlight Focal Points

The lighting design of a public park can beautify the park and make it look peaceful and inviting at night. A lighting expert can create a customized lighting design. They will make use of special outdoor lighting effects and techniques. To achieve consistent brightness through the well-orchestrated placement of unique outdoor light fixtures.

Well-designed lighting improves the aesthetics of landmarks such as lake fronts, sea fronts, boardwalks, and promenades. The lights can create a beautiful ambience and add charm to the nighttime look of the space.

LED lighting can also be used to light high-activity areas and walkways. They become the center of pedestrian activity after the sun sets. The popularity of LEDs has given landscape architects more opportunities to get creative. Some have transformed public parks located in city centers into amazing works of art. They have made the parks to become prominent civic landmarks which attract tourists.

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