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Class 2 Div 1 LED Lighting

What is LED Class 2 Div 1 Lighting?

Class 2 Division 1, or C2D1, is a classification of explosion ratings. It’s designed to work in explosive environments and hazardous conditions where ignitable concentrations of dust, fibers, or flyings are always present. It is not a classification of gases, vapors, and liquids, which is covered in Class 1 Division 1.

Will Class 1 Division 1 Certified Light Work in a Class 2 Division 1 Environment?

We can’t speak for every explosion-proof rated fixture, but all our Class 1 Division 1 rated fixtures are also Class 2, Division 1, Groups E, F, G rated. So in short, if you are looking for Class 2 Division 1 Light Fixtures, our Class 1 Division 1 fixtures will work.

Will Class 1 Division 2 Lighting Work in a Class 2 Division 1 Environment?

It depends. Many of our Class 1 Division 2 lights are also certified for Class 2 Div 1, but only for Groups E, F and G.

What are Groups E, F, and G That are Associated with Our Class 2 Division 1 Light?

  • Group E are areas where combustible metal dusts like aluminum, magnesium and other commercial alloys are present.
  • Group F are areas where combustible carbon-based dusts, like coal and charcoal are present.
  • Group G are areas are for other combustible dusts not included above are present. These include wood, grain and sugar dusts.

How Do I Know if Your Class 2 Division 2 LED Lighting is Certified and Compliant?

All our explosion-proof lights are tested under the UL844 explosion-proof standard. We list the Classes, Divisions, and Groups that each light is tested to with each fixture.

Where Can I Find a List of Lights That are Rated for Class 2 Division 1?

Hazardous environment classification