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LED Barn Lights

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Barn lights have many practical applications. As utility lights, barn lights can be used as indoor or outdoor general purpose or decorative lighting. What defines a "barn light" is a downward pointing light that is dark sky compliant. They are also commonly referred to as gooseneck lights or security lights. These lights are great for perimeter lighting. Barn lights incorporate a gooseneck or pendant mount for overhead door or wall mounting. Barn lights can be used for commercial and residential settings.

Barn Light Fixtures

Using LED for barn lighting provides a more energy-efficient and long-term solution for indoor and outdoor design lighting. LED barn lighting has a variety of mounting options and locations for a vintage look around commercial establishments like restaurants, museums and hotels. LED outdoor barn lights can be used for applications such as dusk to dawn or security lighting over driveways, porches, alleys and yards. Use LED barn light fixtures for indoor installation in kitchens, hallways, foyers and bedrooms. There is a lot of flexibility in mounting LED barn lights, whether wall mount or pendant mount is best for the application.

Gooseneck Mount

LED Gooseneck light fixtures use a curved arm design. Gooseneck outdoor lights are common in both industrial and commercial settings. Gooseneck indoor lights are typically used in barns or restaurants to give a rustic feel. They are IP65 or greater rated, which means they can withstand wet enviroments. They are purposely built to shine the light downwards, making them ideal for indoor decorative lighting or outdoors as a dark sky compliant light.

Outdoor Barn Security Lights

These classic lights were the perfect adoption to LED technologies. These wall or pole mounted lights are perfect area lights, and broadcast a wide pattern of light to give great general purpose outdoor lighting.

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