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Horse Arena Lights

Need a Free Horse Arena Lighting Plan?
Need a Free Horse Arena Lighting Plan?

Horse Arena Lights


Whether you’re looking to light up an indoor arena or an outdoor riding ring, horse arena lights should be on your horizon. When installed properly, these lights should provide a bright shine with little to no glare or shadows. A dimly lit riding arena or ring can be dangerous for both the horse and rider. Even lights in indoor facilities need to be able to hold up to large amounts of dust and potential moisture, so carefully considering all your options for your horse arena is essential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our customer base for questions they wished they had answered before they made a horse arena lights purchase. Scroll below to find answers to our most common questions or call (888) 423-3191 to speak with a lighting expert.

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How Do I Light a Riding Arena at Night?

We have lit 100’s of horse arenas across the country by first starting by creating a free lighting plan, and then shipping customers the lights. We can suggest pole locations or use your existing poles to find the ideal lighting for your horse arena.

What Are the Benefits of Horse Arena Lights?

The main benefits are safe riding and energy savings. It's important to create a well lit and balanced lighting across the entire arena for both the rider and the horse. Beyond that, you need a reliable, dependable, and energy saving solution. LEDs are instant on, instant off and you can expect 10-20 years of trouble free, bright, and high quality lighting.

How Do You Light Up a Small Horse Arena?

There are two types of horse arenas - covered or indoor arenas and outdoor arenas. Both are easy to light up. Indoor or covered arenas can be lit from above with either high bays or low bays installed from the roof. They provide both the proper light levels and balanced lighting.

Outdoor arenas are more challenging, since the lights are pole mounted. To solve this challenge, we recommend creating a lighting plan. With a lighting plan, you can choose the right flood or area light solution to provide the best lighting for light levels and balanced lighting.

Covered Horse Arena
Outdoor Arena


How Many LED Lights Are Needed for a Horse Arena?

It depends. Some customers just want an arena to have 5-7 foot candles so they have a bright space to ride at night. Others use their arenas for competition or training, and need higher light levels. The key is to avoid having shadows between the fixtures on the arena.

Do You Have Horse Arena Lights in Stock?

Yes, we do.

We stock both high bays for covered / indoor arenas and flood lights for outdoor arenas. Our main warehouse in Nashua, NH stocks 1000’s of lights and we have other warehouses in the USA where we can access even more lights.

Do You Have Anything Low Cost, I Have a Small Budget?

Yes we do. We can work with you and see if we can find the lights and solution to meet your budget.

How High Should Arena Lights Be Mounted?

There is no set requirement, we will work with your existing lights and poles to suggest new locations and heights. That's the benefit of being able to create lighting plans - we can find solutions no matter what the heights are. For indoor or covered areas, the lights are usually hung from the ceiling, while for outdoor spaces they are mounted on poles.

Can I Use LED Solar Lights for My Horse Arena?

We would not recommend it. Solar solutions are lower powered lights, and typically not powerful enough to light up a horse arena. Solar lights have their appropriate use and purpose - but they’re not great for lighting up horse arenas.

Horse Arena Lighting

How Long Does It Take to Ship Horse Arena Lights?

We can usually ship within 1-3 days of receiving an order, depending on where you are and the warehouse we ship the lights from. We use UPS ground to ship our lights.


How Many LED Flood Lights Do You Need to Light Up a 250 X 150 Feet Horse Arena?

We are asked all the time to light up outdoor arenas, around 250 ft wide by 150 ft wide. We usually see 3 light poles per 250 foot long side.

The best lighting solutions we have found include 3 lights per pole, and depending on the light we choose, you can achieve 5-7 foot candles with our 200 Watt outdoor flood light and 10-15 foot candles with our 400 Watt flood light.

One thing to note - high power is not necessarily better. Over large areas, more lower powered lights will give a better balance than less high powered lights.


Horse Arena Lighting Plan

How Can You Ensure the Light Is Balanced, with Few Shadows?

Always start with creating a lighting plan, it will tell you exactly what kind of lights you need and where you need to install them. That is why we offer lighting plans for free. They allow us to design a solution so you can see the light levels before you buy - and it will also show how balanced the light across the entire arena will be.

How Much Glare Will There Be or What Can You Do to Reduce?

Glare can be reduced with a few techniques - mounting angles and higher mounting heights help as well. Adding frosted covers to high bays dramatically reduces glare for indoor or covered lighting. The type of glare reduction techniques will depend on your specific location.


How Do I Install Horse Arena Lights?

Our lights are easy to install, any qualified professional can easily install them. We have many different mounting options available, so it’s best to consult with our lighting experts at LED Lighting Supply. This way, we can make sure what we send is the best option for you.


How Do I Wire Arena Lights?

All our horse arena lights have 3 wires - line, neutral and ground. This is easy for any qualified electrician to wire up.

Do You Need a Horse Arena Lighting Plan?

A lighting plan uses specialized lighting software to create a model of your indoor or outdoor horse arena, placing indoor high bay or outdoor flood lighting in this space, and then calculate light levels and how balanced the light is in the area.

It takes away all the guesswork and makes converting to LED lights simple and easy.

Indoor Horse Arena Lighting Plan
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