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LED Sports Lighting Retrofit

What is the difference between retrofitting and replacing sports lighting?

Retrofitting is a process of replacing the components of an existing fixture with LED components

Replacing is just that – the old fixture is swapped out with a new fixture.

What’s better – retrofitting or replacing sports light fixtures?

You first have to remember what you are replacing. Typical sports field fixtures are metal halide with a reflector. The generated light is gathered within the fixture and focused and directed to the playing surface.

Replacing the metal halide bulb with an LED bulb would produce dramatically different results if the same fixture was used. It would not work well.

Replacing with a LED Sports Fixture would produce the desired results. These fixtures use optics instead of reflectors, to focus and direct the light to the field surface.

It is very rare to find LED Retrofit Kits with optics that can achieve the same result as a new fixture. Therefore, replacing is better.

How Do I Start the Process of Converting my existing sports field lights over to LED?

The best way to start is to have us create a lighting plan based on your needs and requirements. The outdoor sports field lighting plan will allow us to design and set the lights to achieve the right amount of foot candles. We can also check the light balance across the playing surface.

What fixtures do you recommend to replace and retrofit outdoor sports lighting?

We’ve had a lot of success using our family of high-power sports area lights. They can easily match and exceed the output of the old-style HID / Metal Halide lights. And we have optic packages available that allow us to light up almost any sports field.

Can LED Sports Lights Replace Metal Halide?

Yes. And we can replace Metal Halide lights 1 for 1. We have powerful LED Sports Lighting that can replace 1000 Watt to 2000 Watt HID / Metal Halide. And that’s without changing your existing lighting infrastructure.

To make it easy for you, we have broken sports lighting retrofitting into 3 main categories

400 Watt Sports Lighting LED Retrofits

1000 Watt Sports Lighting LED Retrofits

1500 Watt Sports Lighting LED Retrofits

2000 Watt Sports Lighting LED Retrofits

Are LED Sports Lighting Better Than Metal Halide?

Yes, on many levels.

First, you can expect energy savings of at least 50% (and probably more).

Your maintenance cost will drop significantly. There will be no bulbs to change.

LED Sports Lighting is instant on, and instant off. When you need the lights, turn them on. When you’re done, turn them off. It’s that simple.

And the light from LED is very high quality (known as high CRI).

How Do LED Lighting Supply’s LED Sports Lighting Retrofits Compare To Musco Lighting?

Musco offers a very high-feature and performance system that you typically see in professional stadiums that can include specialized RGB lighting and sophisticated controls for the fixtures. The cost level is reflective of this advanced functionality.

In comparison, LED Lighting Supply primarily focuses on school and recreational LED Sports Lighting Retrofits. We offer both cost-competitive and performance options for LED Sports Lighting Retrofits that meet the needs of most schools and recreational applications.