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High Temperature Lighting

High-Temperature LEDs


From steel plants and foundries to pulp and paper mills, many industrial environments are home to high temperatures and scorching heat. And, while most lights would falter under such severe circumstances, high-temperature LEDs are built for the most demanding conditions.

High Temperature LED lights are designed to operate in high ambient temperature environments of up to 194°F (90°C). With fixtures ranging from LED Floodlights to High Bay and Low Bay Lights, there are options for every application. And, unlike other types of lighting, LEDs turn on and off instantly with no warm-up period required. In addition to this, LED lighting is exponentially more energy efficient than metal halide bulbs, another popular choice for high-temperature lighting, and has a longer lifespan, which means less time spent changing bulbs. So in addition to being efficient and effective, LED High-Temperature lights are extremely durable.



High-Temperature Lighting Applications 


Wondering what qualifies as a “high-temperature” environment? Really, any environment with temperatures consistently over 100 degrees can be classified as a high-temperature setting but there are certain industrial facilities that almost always fall under this category. These places experience drastic temperature fluctuations and require industrial lighting solutions with extremely high operating temperatures.

High-temperature industrial applications include places such as: 

  • Power Plants
  • Blast Furnaces
  • Chemical Plants
  • Steel Manufacturing
  • Hot Mills
  • Foundries

All of these facilities suffer from extreme temperatures that require specialized lighting, and that’s exactly what these high-temperature LED lights were made for. With these, you’ll experience all the benefits of LED lighting, with the added durability of high-temp lights.


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