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Commercial LED Warehouse Lighting

LED's are probably the biggest energy savings a warehouse can switch over to. Metal Halide and high-pressure sodium warehouse lights use 4 to 5 times more electricity and require more maintenance. They don't work well with motion sensors and are very difficult to dim.

There are many benefits of LED Warehouse Fixtures vs Metal Halide, HPS or fluorescent lights. These include energy savings up to 75%,  4 to 5 time increased lifespans, decreased maintenance costs and improved light quality.

Get Your Free Warehouse Lighting Plan

LED Lighting Supply will create a free lighting plan for your commercial warehouse -  so that you don't have to risk buying the wrong LED fixture. Not all LED Lights are the same. Lumens, lumen efficiencies and distributions can differ greatly. There is a fine line between a great solution and a bad one - from two fixtures that on paper appear to be similar. Our FREE lighting plans take the guess work - and risk - out of converting over to LED. We create over 2000 Free lighting plans per year for our customers - all to help them create a successful light conversion over to LED.

LEDs in Warehouse

A Light Plan provides a report that allows you to see the light levels, and distribution levels, before you buy. Our software accommodates  high ceiling space areas.

Warehouse Lighting Plan
Shop for LED Warehouse Lights - High Bays to replace 400W and 1000W Metal Halide and fluorescent. Free Photometric Evaluations are available. Ready to ship today with factory direct pricing.
Last Updated: 10/22/2020
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