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1000 Watt Equivalent LED Shoebox Lights

What Are 1000 Watt Equivalent LED Shoebox Lights?

These 1000 Watt HID Equivalent LED shoebox lights are designed to replace 1000-watt metal Halide / High-Pressure Sodium Lights in an outdoor parking lot area. These LED Lights produce up to 81,000 lumens of powerful, bright, directed LED Light to meet or exceed the light output of comparable HID fixtures. They also only consume about 50% to 75% less energy than the HID / Metal Halide / HPS lights they are designed to replace.

Brightness Levels of 1000-Watt Equivalent LED Shoebox / Parking Lot Fixtures

Our 1000 Watt Equivalent LED Parking Lot Lights produce between 50,000 and 81,000 LED lumens. These LED FIxtures will provide equivalent - if not brighter - lighting than you are currently experiencing. We can create a parking lot lighting plan to show you how well our lights will perform for you.

Benefits of Using 1000 Watt Equivalent LED Fixtures

The benefits are similar to any upgrade from Metal Halide / High-Pressure Sodium to LED. These include:

  • reduced lighting/utility bills
  • high quality ( CRI ) lighting
  • lower maintenance costs
  • instant on- instant off. No long strike times
  • works with motion sensors and photocell sensor
  • type iii - type v light distribution
  • 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K color temperature
  • long lifespan
  • dimmable

Using 1000 Watt Equivalent LED Lights in Parking Lot Applications

Yes. These powerful shoebox/parking lot lights are available with Type 3 and Type 5 optic/beam angle packages. They can also be equipped with photocells for dusk to dawn operation. Our lights are designed for parking lots, and powerful enough to replace your existing HID / Metal Halide lights one for one.

Choosing the Right 1000-Watt LED Light Replacement

We're here for you! Our lighting experts can guide you toward the right decision and the right lighting solution. We can create a ( free ) lighting plan for your parking lot or outdoor area. This will take away any guesswork of choosing the wrong light fixture for your application.

Sbho 300 Led Parking

The lifespan of these LED Shoebox Fixtures

You can easily expect our 1000-watt equivalent LED fixtures to last 10-15 years without maintenance or replacement. There are no bulbs or ballasts to replace with LED.

These Fixtures Work in Extreme Weather Conditions

Yes, our lights are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. All our outdoor fixtures are wet-weather IP65 rated ( or higher ) and many have high impact IK ratings.

Installing 1000 Watt Equivalent LED Parking Lot Lights

It's very easy, any qualified electrician will be able to install these fixtures. Our customer support is always ready to answer questions you might have.

1000w Parking Lot Led Replacement