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What are LED Outdoor Wall Lights?

LED Light Outdoor Wall Mount fixtures are fixtures that specifically and generally are ONLY wall mounted fixtures. The most common are wall packs and wall sconces. Sometimes they include other types of lights like flood lights and area lights.

They are also commonly referred to as: 

led wall lantern

lantern light fixture

exterior wall sconce

They are designed to replace Metal Halide and HPS wall lights. These lights are easy to install - providing bright and long lasting outdoor wall mounted lighting. Our Commercial Outdoor LED Lights replace 100 Watt to 400 Watt Metal Halide Fixtures. 

LED outdoor wall lights are designed to be mounted on the exterior of commercial and industrial buildings. Dusk to dawn outdoor LED wall lighting with photocells and motion sensors light up when movement is detected. They turn on at dusk and off at dawn.  

How many Outdoor Wall Lights do you need?


One of the best ways to calculate this is to get a lighting plan done. Why should you consider an outdoor wall lighting plan?

A lighting plan is a pdf report showing your outdoor area with our lights on your building and lights on the poles.

It shows you foot candle readings at any location, how well balanced the light is, and how well our lights perform in your space. 

We can change out lights, heights and lumen packages until your outdoor area meets your requirements.


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Are LED Outdoor Wall Mount Lights good for security?

Yes, but there are certain options you should make sure the lights are equipped with first. Motion Sensor security equipped wall lights turn the lights on, or to full brightness, when motion is detected within the sensors range.  Dusk to dawn led outdoor photocells ensure the lights turn on at dusk and off at dawn. There's no need to rely on timers and changing sunsets throughout the year.

What are the different types of LED Outdoor Wall Lights?  

Full Cutoff Wall Pack

LED Outdoor Lights - Full Cutoff

These lighting fixtures are fully covered except at the bottom. Their unique design ensures they only distribute light downward. So if you're looking for a dark sky LED Wall Pack, this is your best choice

The full cutoff design ensures that light trespass is reduced or eliminated. The lamp can only be seen when one stands below the luminaire. Full cutoff outdoor wall lights only illuminate the walls and areas beneath them. 

LED Outdoor Lights - Flood - Non-Cutoff

These are the most common of all wall lights we offer. They have the ability to discharge and flood light out from the wall. They are usually mounted on walls and used as flood area lights and outdoor security lighting. They can light up path ways, drive ways and loading areas of commercial buildings.

They are not dark-sky compliant without the use of a shield mounted at the top of the fixture.

LED Outdoor Lights - Semi-Cutoff

A semi-cutoff wall light merges the design of a traditional flood wall light and a full cutoff wall light. The luminaire in the fixture is slightly covered by a top that comes down to the front. While the design of the fixture prevents some light pollution, it's not dark-sky compliant.

A semi-cutoff wall light distributes light downward but some of the light goes upward. 

LED Outdoor Lights - Adjustable Head

These outdoor wall mount lights feature a full cutoff or a semi-cutoff design and a tilt mechanism. This allows for precise light aiming.

Adjustable wall lights offer placement of the light module. Light can focus upwards, downwards or between. These wall lights are ideal for outdoor areas and perimeter lighting. They use different light sources and some include photocells. 

led black sconce light

LED Outdoor Wall Sconce

A outdoor led wall sconce is more of an architectural style light, where light is either pointed downwards, or upwards / downwards. It is different than a wall pack in the sense that it is meant more as an accent light / architectural light than a wall pack that provide powerful general lighting

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