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What are LED Vapor Tight Fixtures?

Vapor tight lights are fixtures that work well in harsh environments where the environmental conditions could otherwise damage the fixtures. They are sealed, gasketed fixtures. They protect the lighting source from external hazards like non-combustible dust particles, moisture, corrosive fumes non explosive gases from entering the fixture and cause premature failure.

Vapor tight lighting fixtures have a rust-resistant die-cast casing. It's reinforced poly-carbonate lenses to withstand high abuse in harsh environments and temperatures.

Where are Vapor Tight Fixtures Used?

Vapor tight lights are found in many different common areas including:

Underground parking garages

Cold Storage and Refrigerated Storage Rooms

Car Washes

Factory Wash Down Areas

Are LED Vapor Tight Fixtures water tight?

Almost all our LED Vapor tight lights are waterproof, or, IP65+ rated for wet and dusty environments. IP rating is a standard that indicates a fixtures ability to keep out dust and moisture. Look for a fixture IP65 or greater if you are looking for a good dust proof, water proof fixture.

What are the best LED Vapor Tight Fixtures?

The best Vapor Tight Fixtures are the ones that work best in your area. What works well in one environment may not be the best choice for yours. We typically provide our commercial and industrial customers free lighting plans. A Vapor Tight Lighting Plan uses software to model a customers space, including room dimensions and light locations, to see how bright the room is and how even the light is distributed.

What are the benefits of LED Vapor Tight Lights?

They are perfect in environments where the lights may be exposed to heat, humidity, water, washdowns, vapors and dust. Because of their design, they are built to last a long time and perform well in these harsh environments.

They reduce the lighting utility bill compared to their metal halide and fluorescent fixture vapor tight competitors.

They are virtually maintenance free. Gone are the days of replacing bulbs in old vapor tight fixtures.

Do Vapor Tight Fixtures Work With Lighting Controls?

Yes. But the controls themselves should either be sealed or enclosed inside the fixture itself to protect it from the harsh environments. That is why our fixtures that offer motion sensors as an option include the motion sensor inside the sealed, gasketed fixture.

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