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Vapor Proof Light Fixtures

Need a Free Vapor Proof Fixtures Lighting Plan?

Vapor Proof Light Fixtures

Need a Free Vapor Proof Fixtures Lighting Plan?

Vapor Proof Light Fixtures are designed to work well in harsh environments where the environmental conditions could otherwise damage the fixtures. They protect the lighting source from external hazards like non-combustible dust particles, moisture, corrosive fumes non explosive gases from entering the fixture and cause premature failure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot of questions around vapor tight lighting, so we’ve created the list below from first time buyers and repeat customers. Check out the most frequently asked questions below or call call us on (888) 423-3191 and we’ll do our best to assist you.


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What Is Vapor Tight Lighting?

Vapor tight lighting is a sealed lighting system. It is designed to be installed in a corrosive or damp/wet non-explosive environment. The lights' vapor tight features prevent the outside environment from entering the fixture and attacking the lighting components that would otherwise shorten the lifespan of the fixture.

When Does It Make Sense to Use Vapor Tight Lighting?

When the area or environment the light is being installed in is corrosive or damp/wet and the potential damage would shorten the lifespan of the fixture. You often see these lights used in underground parking garages (car exhaust) and cold storage and food preparation facilities (ammonia).

Can You Re-Lamp a Vapor Tight with LED?

You can. Many fixtures are fluorescent fixtures, so these fixtures’ tubes and ballasts can be replaced with either LED tubes or magnetics strips. Extra caution must be taken to ensure the fixture's seal is not altered or damaged.

Is Vapor Tight Lighting Acceptable in Class 2 Locations?

No. Never use a vapor tight or vapor proof fixture in an explosive environment. They are not explosion proof fixtures.

What Is the Difference Between Vapor Tight and Explosion Proof?

First, let's say never use a vapor tight fixture in an area that needs an explosion proof fixture.

An explosion proof fixture is not vapor tight. It actually allows the ‘explosive’ environment into the fixture. If an explosion does occur, the fixture is designed to not let the explosion escape to the outside environment. It does this by channelling and cooling down the explosion, so by the time it leaves the fixtures, it's cool enough not to cause an issue.

While it may sound like a vapor proof fixture would work, it won’t. Although a vapor proof fixture is designed not to let explosive material into the fixture, it is not designed to hold in an explosion if one occurs. While that may sound like a scenario that may never happen, accidents do happen, and hitting a fixture with a piece of machinery might compromise its life. That’s when the vapor proof fixture becomes a liability.

What Is the Difference Between Vapor Tight and Vapor Proof Lights?

There is no difference - it’s just two ways of calling the same light.

Parking Garage

What Are Some Common Issues with Conventional Fluorescent Vapor Tight Fixtures?

The same issues with most fluorescent fixtures. Humming, strobing and flickering tubes, short life and expensive recycling costs. With LEDs - all these problems disappear.


If I Have a Failure Can the Strips Be Changed Out or Replaced?

Yes, but remember, failures are rare, and we warranty these fixtures for five years. So, if the fixture or strip fails, we will replace the fixture or supply a replacement driver. However, it's highly unlikely a strip will fail. An LED driver will fail faster than a strip, and those are relatively simple to swap out.

What Are the Different Types of Vapor Tight Fixtures?

The two major types we sell are linear lights and jelly jar lights.


Are Vapor Tight Fixtures Impact Proof?

Some of the fixtures we sell have an IK10 impact rating, the highest available. However, not all vapor proof fixtures have this high of a rating, so if this is something you need, we can help you find the right option.

Do Vapor Tight Lights Have a Motion Sensor Option?

We do have some options that can come with a motion sensor.


How Do Vapor Tight Fixtures Mount?

Most are either ceiling mounted or are wire/suspended mounted. The instructions we provide with each light make it easy to install them, and any qualified electrician could easily handle the installation.

How Do I Ensure That My Vapor Tight Fixtures Do Not Lose Their Integrity During Installation?

Do not disassemble or alter the light in any form, and make sure you follow the instructions closely. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about installing the fixture.

Get a Free Vapor Proof Fixture Lighting Plan

If you are just replacing fixture with fixture, a lighting plan will help you select the right fixture. If you are creating a new area or building that doesn't have lighting yet, a lighting plan will lay out the light locations and show you how bright the lighting will be.

If you know how bright you want the space to be, we can pick the right vapor proof ceiling light fixture to meet your needs and requirements.

When we do vapor proof lighting plans, we use specialized lighting software that allows us to model your space, add lights, place them in your digital space, and calculate the brightness and how even the light will be.

Vapor Proof Lighting Plan
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