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Lock out dust, moisture & humidity with the rugged 5+ year warranty-backed LED vapor tight lights from LEDLightingSupply. Reduce energy consumption up to 75%. Factory Direct Pricing with models that can ship today.

Are you looking for a replacement for fluorescent fixtures in a car wash, parking garage or other wet environments? Our Vapor Tight LED light fixtures can be used in your moist or harsh settings. These fixtures have durable housings that resists corrosion, rust, warping or fading. The impact resistant lens covers withstand wet and damp weather. Our LED vapor tight fixtures use 1/2 - 3/4 the energy of fluorescent lighting. These fixtures eliminate bulb replacement and maintenance costs.

Why you should choose a LED Lighting Supply Vapor Tight

1. Vapor Tight Lights can handle your Harsh Conditions


Vapor tight lights are also known as wet location fixtures. The gasketed seal around the lens also protects from corrosive fumes, non-explosive vapors, or gases. 

Lights exposed to moisture or dust, devoid of any form of protection, tend to cloud over because they collect debris, dead bugs, and dirt. Our vapor tight fixtures stop the intrusion of particles and dust.

Our vapor tight lighting fixtures have a rust-resistant die-cast casing. It's reinforced poly-carbonate lenses to withstand high abuse in harsh environments and temperatures.

2. Vapor Tight LEDs are IP Rated to stop water intrusion


IP rating designates a fixtures ability to keep out both dust and water. The first digit of the IP score designates dust protection, the second designates water protection. A water protection score of 5 or above helps protect your fixtures from water intrusion.

LED Lighting Supply offers IP ratings of IP66 for many of its vapor tight fixtures.

3. What Color Temperature are you looking for?


We offer vapor tight fixture color temperature options in both 4000K and 5000K. 5000K is a perfect replacement for Metal Halide. 4000K is also an option for those states requiring a slightly warmer light. Other color temperatures available upon request.

Both offer a significant improvement over high pressure sodium lights, rated at 2200K.


4. Do you need High Voltage? We have 100V to 277V.


We offer vapor tight fixtures with standard voltage options of 100V-277V. These units automatically switch internally to accept the incoming voltage.


5. L70 Light Long Life to provide you with maintenance free lighting.

50,000 hours
100,000 hours

One of the biggest downsides of HID fixtures is they need a lot of maintenance. The lights have a lifespan of 12,000 to 25,000 hours. This means electricians must replace bulbs frequently. This procedure that can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. When HID lights are being replaced, it might be a good time to replace the ballasts. This adds to the overall maintenance costs. 

Fluorescent fixtures are similar. Bulbs and ballasts require constant maintenance.

LED lights can last decades with little to no maintenance. They maintain their brightness for a very long period of time and degrade slowly.

6. Do you need Controls? We can add Motion Sensors.

Motion Sensor
Smart Controls

High intensity discharge lamps do not work with most lighting controls as they take a lot of time to warm up. In case of a power outage, you have to give them time to cool down before you can switch them on again.

LEDs work well with dimmers, motion sensors and timer switches. You can pair your LED vapor tight fixtures with lighting controls to switch them on and off or dim them according to the need.

7. What CRI (Color Rendering Index) do you need?

70 CRI
80 CRI

One of the specifications you need to pay attention to is CRI (color rendering index). This is a measurement of the quality of light that the fixture is producing. It is a scale between 0 and 100. Sunlight is 100.

A general rule is that you need less quantity of light if you have better quality. LED has high CRI making the quality better than most traditional light sources. Our vapor tight fixtures all have a minimum of 70 CRI.

8. You can lower Energy Costs up to 70% or more.

50-80% savings

Advancements in LEDs and higher lumens per watts configurations are now available. Reducing energy consumption by over 70% is not unreasonable. Using controls like day light and motion sensors, achieving reductions of 80% is achievable. It is important to note that you need to pay attention to a few details.

* Never buy a LED fixture based on the watts consumed. Focus on lumens, pay attention to lumens per watt. You will consume a lot more energy at 100 lumens/watt than you will at 140 lumens per watt. LED Lighting Supply products are in the higher lumens per watt configurations. Look for the products efficacy listed in their detail specifications. Or divide the lumens by watts consumed to determine efficacy.

* Look at the number of LEDs the fixture is using to produce the lumens. A fixture with fewer LEDs is driving the LEDs harder than a fixture with more LEDs. Life expectancy may be shorter. More LEDs driven less hard is a better combination of efficient and longevity.

Lock out dust, moisture & humidity with the rugged 5+ year warranty-backed vapor tight LED lights from LED Lighting Supply. Reduce energy consumption up to 75%. Factory Direct Pricing with models that can ship today.
Last Updated: 11/24/2020
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