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LED Explosion Proof Linear Lighting

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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke with our buyers to find out their biggest questions when it comes to buying Explosion Proof LED Linear Lighting. For more information, please call us at (888) 423-3191 to speak with one of our lighting experts.


What Is LED Explosion Proof Linear Lighting?

LED Explosion Proof Linear lighting replaces fluorescent-style explosion-proof lighting. These lights are ceiling or wall mounted and are long and thin fixtures. They resemble what you would expect if a fluorescent light was installed inside.

Where Does It Make Sense to Use Explosion Proof LED Linear Lighting Instead of Round or Square Style Fixture?

By design, linear fixtures have better distribution because the LEDs are spread out over a wider area.  Also, a linear fixture works well when the mounting heights are below 15 feet or for replacing a fluorescent fixture.

Explosion Proof Linear


What Color Temperature Is Best to Use for LED Explosion Proof Linear Lights?

We advise that 5000K is a good choice for explosion-proof linear lighting.

Can Explosion Proof LED Linear Lighting Withstand Being In Harsh Environments?

Yes, it can. Our fixtures are certified to work in harsh environments. They are weatherproof and have the highest impact rating available.


Are There Any Special Installation Instructions for Explosion Proof LED Linear Lighting?

We always recommend a certified electrician.  Find one familiar with hazardous and explosive environments to install the fixtures. Our fixtures come with complete instructions on how to install them.