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LED Overhead Crane Lights

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Shop for high power LED Overhead Crane Lights and Tower Crane Lights. Free photometrics to profile our led flood crane lights in your area.

LED overhead crane lights are high wattage / high lumen LED Fixtures designed to replace 1000W, 1500W and 2000W HID (Metal Halide and HPS) fixtures. These lights are large than your typical LED Commercial Flood Light. Designed with a series of optics to place the light where it's needed.

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1. Efficacy (Lumens Per Watt)

135 lm/w

Luminous efficacy is the true measure of a bulb’s efficiency. It indicates the lumens produced for every watt of electricity consumed. LEDs are more efficient than traditional bulbs with a higher luminous efficacy. High quality LEDs have awesome efficacy ratings. The standard luminous efficacy is upwards of 130 lumens per watt

Our LED Crane Lights are rated at 135 lumens/watt.

* Trade off between initial cost and long term savings?

A higher efficiency LED product costs more than lower efficiency units. The savings over the life of the product is more than the initial investment needed to upgrade. So if you're looking to maximize savings when converting to LED, choose the higher efficiency product.

2. IP66 Wet Location Crane Lights


IP rating designates a fixtures ability to keep out both dust and water. The first digit of the IP score designates dust protection, the second designates water protection. A water protection score of 5 or above helps protect your fixtures from water intrusion.

LED Lighting Supply offers IP ratings of IPx5, IPx6 and IPx7. This allows you to install these fixtures outdoors.

* What IP Rating do you need?

IP66 is an excellent all weather rated fixture for outdoor operations.

3. High Voltage up to 480V

100V - 277V
277V - 480V

Are you trying to replace fixtures that are higher voltages, 277V to 480V? We have solutions that cover these higher voltage installations. Our constant current drivers are equipped to handle everything from 100 Volts up to to 480 Volts (standard driver in our kits are 100V-277V). We can handle single or 3-phase power as well. Talk to our sales engineers and we can get your lighting situation taken care of.

* 480V High Voltage Options

Our higher voltage solutions handle both single phase and 3 phase 480V installations. If you have voltage above 277V, tell our sales engineers so we can specify the proper driver.

4. Rugged Fixtures that will last for years


Our crane fixtures withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures without decreasing lifespan. This is possible through our large heat sinks, designed to keep the lights cool. Our Crane fixtures have heavy duty heat sinks that are perfect for impact zones. Our crane fixtures are vibration resistant. This allows them to maintain a long lifespan in harsh environments.

* Impact Rating for Crane  Fixtures

Our Crane LED Fixtures are rated at IK08 on a scale of IK01 to IK10. This ensures reliability in environments where impacts may occur

5. Light Quality: Color Rendering Index

70 CRI

Color rendering index defines the color of light. It tells us how well a light source will reveal the colors of items compared to sunlight (the ideal light source). When it comes to HID lamps, people usually complain about one thing: poor light color. Quality bright Light is important in crane applications. It has a huge impact on clarity and contrast.

Our LED Crane fixtures are CRI 70+.


Anything over 70 is good in most outdoor industrial and commercial applications.

6. Beam Angles: Proper Light Distribution


The beam angle is what determines the distribution of light. A wide beam angle produces softer light and distributes it better to different areas of a room.

A narrow beam angle produces concentrated light good for accent lighting. It makes the light more intense and focused.

Our LED overhead crane lights are available in a range of beam angles: from 30° (narrow) to 120° (wide).

* Beam Angle Selection

Ask us to run a lighting photometric to determine the perfect light and beam angle for your indoor or outdoor space. Look at both the foot candle measurements and max/min ratios to make sure your space is bright and uniform.

LED Crane Lighting Fixtures for Boom and Hoist Cranes. Vibration resistant high power led crane lights, up to 1000W LED.
Last Updated: 10/25/2020
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