LED Basketball Court Lights

Indoor Basketball Lights can be easily converted over to LED. We recommend UFO LED Lights that are robust, powerful and have a high impact rating - to ensure they last a long time.  Outdoor basketball courts are a bit more of a challenge - the light across the court has to be even even though all the light is situated on the edge. We offer powerful flood and sport lighting options that can provide bright and well distributed light options across the entire court. We offer free lighting plans for both indoor and outdoor basketball courts - ask us to do one for you. Get Your Free LED Basketball Court Lighting Plan
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Want a well lit Basketball Court? Let us do a Basketball Court lighting plan for you.


Why are basket ball lighting plans important?

A basketball court lighting plan models your indoor or outdoor basketball court inside specialized lighting plan photometric software. It uses the spaces dimensions, fixture mounting heights, and allows lighting designers to add different lights in order to find the perfect combination of lumens and optics for the court.

Guessing is costly. A basketball lighting plan takes the risk and guess work out of adding LED Lights to your basketball court.

Indoor LED Basketball Court Photometric Example


25 ft ceiling, replace 400 Watt Metal Halide with 150 Watt LED UFO High Bays, 85 foot candles

Outdoor LED Basketball Court Photometric Example


25 ft poles, 4 per side, using 200 Watt LED Flood Lights. 25 foot candles average with even light distribution across entire court.

What are the best lights for Indoor Basketball Courts?

We recommend LED UFO High Bays as the best lighting option. They are small, bright and extremely robust. They have high impact rating so being hit by a stray basketball will not damage the light.

LED UFO High Bays can easily replace the Metal Halide or Fluorescent lights used in an indoor basket court gyms. Powerful lights can replace 400 Watts and 1000 Watts Metal Halide.

LED Lights are also instant on, so when you want to use the gym for basketball, hit the switch and you're ready to play.

What are the best outdoor Basketball Court Lights?

The best lights depend on your court layout and the position of poles. We have converted outdoor courts to LED using both shoebox lights and flood lights. There is no one perfect solution. There is - however - a good solution for your court.

Shoebox lights and flood lights are also available in high power options, so replacing old Metal Halide and HPS lights is easy to do. LED Lights will dramatically improve the outdoor lighting - providing high quality, low maintenance and cost effective light for years to come.

What are Sport Court Lights?

Sport Court Lights are outdoor lighting fixtures that are designed to light up sport courts. Sport Courts are multi-purpose hard playing surfaces, that can include basketball, tennis. pickleball, roller hockey and other sporting events.

LED Lighting, like flood lights, are designed to light up these outdoor courts.

600w With Basketball

Sport Court Lighting

Lighting for outdoor sport courts are similar to lighting up a tennis court, basketball court or pickleball court.

Pole are mounted at the side of the playing court, and the light needs to evenly light up the entire court while not contributing to light pollution. The sport court lighting plan to the right is an example of this, foot candles across the floor exceed 20 fc, lighting is even and balanced, and very little light pollution is created.

Looking to get a lighting plan done for a sport court? We'd be happy to do one for you.

Sport Court Lighting Plan
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