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Basketball Lights can be easily converted over to LED. We recommend UFO LED Lights that are robust, powerful and have a high impact rating - to ensure they last a long time.  Outdoor basketball courts are a bit more of a challenge - the light across the court has to be even even though all the light is situated on the edge. We offer powerful flood and sport lighting options that can provide bright and well distributed light options across the entire court.  Get Your Free Basketball Court Lighting Plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot of options to choose from when it comes to buying basketball court lights. Browse the list below or call (888) 423-3191 to speak with a lighting expert. We’ll do our best to support you in finding the right solution.



What Type of Lights Should You Use for Basketball Court Lighting?

When you think about basketball court lights, you have to separate indoor courts from outdoor courts.

For indoor courts, UFO high bays work well, providing powerful balanced lighting from above. The lights are also impact resistant and can handle hits from a ball.

For outdoor courts, there are two options. Parking lot lights with either Type 3 or Type 5 optics as well as flood lights are used to light up courts and sport courts.

How Tall Should the Poles Be for Basketball Court Lighting?

Higher is better. We have done court lights with as low as 15 feet. The lower the poles are, the more ‘tilt’ may be required to try and light the court up evenly and provide balanced lighting.

How Does the Lighting Different for Outdoor Vs. Indoor Basketball Courts?

Indoor courts are lit from above and are far easier to light up and create the proper lighting balance. Outdoor courts are typically perimeter pole mounted.

What Light Level Should Be Used for a Professional NBA Level Basketball Court?

Light levels can vary between 150 to 200 foot candles. 4K TV broadcasts require more lighting.

600w With Basketball

What are Sport Court Lights?

Sport Court Lights are outdoor lighting fixtures that are designed to light up sport courts. Sport Courts are multi-purpose hard playing surfaces, that can include basketball, tennis. pickleball, roller hockey and other sporting events.

LED Lighting, like flood lights, are designed to light up outdoor sport courts.

Before You Buy

How Do You Calculate Basketball Court Lighting Levels?

We can provide a free lighting plan to show you light placement, light levels, and balance of light across the entire playing surface. There is no need for you to try and calculate this yourself.

I Need to Replace Existing Basketball Court Metal Halide Fixtures. What Do You Recommend?

We can easily replace your metal halide or high pressure sodium fixtures, 1 for 1, and can match the fixture type. So, if you have high bays, flood lights or parking lot lights, we can easily replace 400 Watt, 1000 Watt and 1000+ Watt fixtures with LEDs.

LED UFO High Bay

LED UFO High Bay

Led Flood Light 200 Watt With Pole Mount

Led Flood Light

300 Watt

LED Shoebox

We Are Replacing the Existing Lights in an Old Basketball Court. Can We Just Replace Every Other Light?

This depends on a lot of factors. However, if you do so, you might be running the risk of creating unbalanced lighting with more shadows. To prevent this from happening, we can create a lighting plan to determine your exact needs. So let us get you one for free before we create a court full of shadows.

Can I Light Up the Basketball Court in My Backyard with a Single Pole?

Yes, we have worked with a leading nation-wide sport court developer and have lit up many ½ court sport courts using 1 pole with multiple fixtures.

Are Linear or UFO Style Lights Better For a Basketball Court and Why?

We would recommend UFO fixtures for one main reason. UFO fixtures are impact rated at IK08 or higher, and can survive a ball hit. We have two high impact linear fixtures available (here and here), but most aren’t rated for impact like UFO fixtures are.

LED High Bay Light

UFO IK08 Rated

Led Linear High Bay Ip66 4

LED Linear Ik10 Rated

I Have an Indoor Basketball Court with a Mounting Height of 25 Feet. How Many Light Fixtures Do I Need?

That really depends on the light levels you are trying to achieve. For example, using 24 of our 150 Watt HBC UFO fixtures mounted at 25 feet above the court produces an average of 85 foot candles relatively balanced across the entire court. Your requirements may be different. We can create a free lighting plan to determine the right number of fixtures for your space.

How Much Do Lights Cost for an Outdoor Basketball Court?

Our powerful 200 Watt flood light starts at $285.00. We have shoebox options like our 150 Watt parking lot light starting at $163.00.


Fixtures and Fittings

Are the Lights Impact Proof? Can They Be Hit by a Basketball?

Many of our fixtures have been impact tested to IK08-IK10. IK10 has the highest impact rating. We offer both high bay models, parking lot fixtures and flood lights with this high impact rating. IK08 is ideal for basketball courts.

Do the Lights Come with a Power Cord?

Some do, and if that is important, reach out to us and we can help you find a fixture with a cord.

Should I Use a Wire Guard with These Lights When Used for a Basketball Court?

We do have wire guard options, but most of our lights are robust enough not to need them.


Where Should You Place the Lights Around the Court for a Backyard Basketball Court?

Every court is different, and every court owner has their own requirements. Creating a lighting plan removes all the risk and guesswork from this process.

What’s the Best Way to Mount Lights for an Indoor Basketball Court?

We recommend ceiling mounts, and also recommend a secondary safety wire if a ball strike dismounts a fixture.

Should I Install a Safety Cable for Lights Hung Over a Basketball Court?

Yes, we highly recommend this for safety.

Can I Mount a Light Fixture Above the Hoop?

It should be high enough to avoid ball strike, otherwise it could impede the play on the court. If it is ceiling mounted, then it shouldn’t be an issue.

Want a well lit Basketball Court? Let us do a Free Basketball Court lighting plan for you.


Why are basket ball lighting plans important?

A basketball court lighting plan models your indoor or outdoor basketball court inside specialized lighting plan photometric software. It uses the spaces dimensions, fixture mounting heights, and allows lighting designers to add different lights in order to find the perfect combination of lumens and optics for the court.

Guessing is costly. A basketball lighting plan takes the risk and guess work out of adding LED Lights to your basketball court.

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