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LED School Gymnasium Fixtures

UFO LED High Bays

High Bays for Gyms

Linear LED High Bays

High Bays for Gyms

LED Outdoor Fixtures for Schools

LED Shoebox

LED Shoe Box Lights

Stadium Light

LED Stadium Lights

LED Wall Packs

LED Wall Packs

LED Security

LED Security Lights

School Lighting Plans: Gymnasiums

1. Gather requirements

Working with us, we gather all the requirements of your existing indoor gymnasium. Understanding the current conditions is paramount to the success of picking the right solution for your gymnasium.


2. Do a lighting plan

The lighting plan provides you with expected light levels and shows how even the lighting will be after installation. Your cost to get the lighting plan is $0. You get to see how well lit their gym will be before spending $1.

 School Gym Lighting Plan

3. Review the LED Lighting Supply light plan and quote

See for yourself. The gym is bright, but not too bright. And the light levels are even, without shadows and tunneling. The zero-risk LED Lighting Supply process worked perfectly for this customer, as it can for you!

School Gymnasium after converting to LED Lighting Supply LED Lights

Gym Before Converting To Led

Gym School using Fluorescent Fixtures

Gym After Converting To Led

Gym School after converting to LED Lighting Supply 120W UFO LED High Bays

Top Benefits of LED Lights in Schools

LED school lighting, unlike fluorescent lighting, can enhance a school's learning environment. This helps children feel safer in school. LEDs also create healthy indoor and outdoor spaces for learning and creative expression. It strengthens a school's reputation and brand.

The energy efficiency of LED lights, plus their many benefits, make them perfect for schools. They help create an environment conducive to learning and have no toxic materials. These solid state lighting fixtures are becoming more affordable, energy-efficient, and sophisticated. They are very easy to use.

These days, a lot of emphasis is being placed on the impact of building design on human health. LEDs have easy integration with lighting control technology. It can go a long way towards helping build a healthy environment for all school staff and students.

Forward-thinking, tunable LED lighting is the future of efficient school lighting systems. LEDs with flexible controls and tunable white light help create ideal learning areas. It allows adjustable light color temperatures for optimal classroom lighting for specific activities.

LEDs resemble the sun's natural spectrum with minimal spikes. Flicker-free LED school lights are better for their lighting, but for the people in the school.


Lighting Requirements for School Classrooms

High-quality classroom lights can brighten the learning space and help students see better. According to research, well-designed classroom lighting has a positive influence. Lighting can help increase or decrease focus and alertness.

The human body's circadian rhythm is sensitive to the light spectrum visible to the eye. Especially the blue wavelengths in their varying intensity and levels. This rhythm informs our body when to sleep or wake up. Blue light triggers wakefulness. Orange-tinged dusky light triggers the production of melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone. Students and staff under artificial light rich in blue wavelengths all day may develop disturbances . The effects range from sleep and waking disturbances to metabolism and eating patterns. Mental alertness, mood patterns, hormone production, mood changes, and immune system disturbances.

Most artificial lighting used in schools produce more blue light than the sun does at sunset. But some lighting dims to avail circadian or human-centric lighting. This type of lighting adjusts to the rhythms of students in indoor spaces.


LED Lights Ideal for Classrooms

LED Panels

LED Panels

LED Troffers

LED Troffer Retrofit Panel

LED panel lights are designed with multiple LEDs and are highly luminous but energy-efficient. Their light has a bright, even appearance. These commercial LED ceiling lights have innovative features and a sleek look. The main purpose of their design is to enhance light. Which is why they have excellent color rendering capabilities and high luminous efficacies.

LED panels and troffers are known for their long lifespan. They're the perfect replacements for traditional inefficient fluorescent lights widely used in classrooms. For example, four T8 fluorescent tubes (18W each) can be replaced by a 40W LED panel-light. This cuts down energy consumption by 32W. The LED panel-light will give off a higher quality of light than the T8 fluorescent tubes ever can. Panel and troffer lights are in retail stores, offices, hospitals, and schools.

The importance of high-quality light in classrooms cannot be overemphasized. Lighting can affect concentration, mood and amplify stress levels of children while learning.

Color Changing and Dimmable LED Panels

Color changing panels allow the area to change from 3000K to 4000K and 5000K. No longer do you need to guess what will be the best color temperature. These lights are also dimmable, and can be controlled by remote control. Create groups of lights easily and change the lighting instantly.

Check out our 2X2 color changing dimmable LED Panels

Check out our 2X4 color changing dimmable LED Panels


Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kit

LED Strip Magnetic

LED ceiling light retrofits easily replace fluorescent tubes and attach to other linear lighting fixtures. They also eliminate the need for ballasts and tombstones. With them, you will not need to rewire your ballasts nor need hardware or screws.

LED magnetic strip retrofit kits have a magnetic backing that attaches the strips to older light fixtures. The drivers quickly connect to the electricity mains to power the lights.

Magnetic strip retrofit kits can mount on any metallic surface. Their use is not limited to applications with fluorescent fixtures. They come in 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft lengths and can be placed in any space that requires light.

Lighting Requirements of School Gymnasiums


School gymnasiums lit by sluggish, old high bay light fixtures force students to wait for them to come on. This is becoming a thing of the past. Today, thanks to LED school lights, a gymnasium illuminates the moment a light switches on. Most school gyms have relied on aged 400W metal halide high-bay lights. These are not only inefficient at energy consumption, but need recurring maintenance.

MH lamps need a warm-up time of 5-15 minutes to meet full lighting potential. Often they are left on all day, even when their light is not needed. These lamps generate shadows and dark spots which affect sporting activities.

Metal halides also tend to buzz and flicker as their lifespan lessens. Unfortunately, their replacement costs can get quite high. Gyms have high ceilings for high-impact activities (think basketball). Besides being venues for sporting activities, many school gyms are multipurpose spaces. They double as assembly halls and community meeting spaces.

High-quality gym lighting must be flexible. It must be bright enough for high-intensity sports and gentle enough for ceremonies. This flexible lighting required by gyms is not possible with metal halide lamps.

UFO LED Lights

LED UFO Bay Fixture

A UFO LED high-bay light is a disc-shaped luminaire featuring flat aluminum housing. It contains optics that are particularly designed to optimize light distribution without the need for bulky reflectors.

The lights have different beams which help focus and direct light better. You can get them with 60°, 90° and 120° beam angles. UFO LED high-bay lights are compact and efficient and have aesthetic appeal, improving the appearance of convention centers.

They are the perfect choice for large spaces that require a high amount of light like convention centers. The LED lights contain amazing thermal properties. The negligible heat that they produce is easily dispersed by their aluminum alloy heat sinks.

LED Linear High Bay

LED Linear High Bay

A Linear LED high-bay light is a panel shaped fixture that contains strips of led lights and offers broad lighting distributions. 

The lights have different beams which help focus and direct light better. You can get them with 60°, 90° and 120° beam angles. Linear style LED high-bay lights are thin and are suspended from cables or chains.

They are the perfect choice for large spaces that require a high amount of light like convention centers. Options are available that can replace 400W to 1000W Metal Halide and 4, 6 and 8 tube T5 High Output fluorescent fixtures.

The energy saving prowess of LED high-bay lights is extraordinary

On their own, they can save up to 75% on energy costs. Also, they double a gym’s light level and have brilliant color rendering capabilities. The most common traditional gym light fixture has been the 400W MH high-bay light fixture.

A 400 Watt metal halide high-bay consumes 455 Watts of power, thanks to its ballast. If only 24 of these lights are in a gym, they need a whopping 10,896 kW for every hour they operate. Compare that to 150W LED high-bays (which make perfect replacements for these lamps). These lights will only consume 3,600 kW per hour. It’s very clear that LED high-bays are for the modern school gym lighting needs.

School Gym

LED School Lighting for Exterior Spaces

The faculty staff and students need to feel protected and safe when coming in or going out of the school. This is where LED exterior campus lighting come in. The most common LED school lights for outdoor spaces are as follows.

LED Wall Packs

LED Wall Pack Fixture

Wall mounted lights that illuminate parking lots, building perimeters and walkways. You will find them installed on vertical surfaces or on walls. They light up outdoor spaces with heavy pedestrian and vehicular movement.

Wall pack lights work as surveillance lights. Look for certifications like DLC Premium Rating, UL Rating and their IP Rating. They are able to withstand harsh weather conditions of any kind.

Wall Packs can be flood or cutoff. Floods distribute lights out, full cutoff distributes lights down.

These LED Commercial Light Fixtures have very low glare values and are impact-resistant. Paired with lighting controls, they can turn on and off at dusk or dawn or on demand.

LED Shoebox

LED Shoebox Light

Shoebox lights are used in areas that require broad-scope, intensely-bright lights. High school parking lot fixurues pair perfectly with surveillance cameras. LED shoebox lights have many advantages over HID lights. They are energy-efficient and are highly versatile.

LED shoebox lights can directly replace 400 Watt to 1000 Watt Metal Halide shoebox lights and produce up to 60,000 lumens.

Shoebox retrofit kits can replace HID bulbs. Traditional HID bulbs are replaced with LED bulbs. LED shoebox fixtures have very little maintenance costs because of their long lifespan.


These three are all LED area lights. LED area lights offer better performance than HID area lights. For instance, LED shoebox -lights and wall-packs work well with photo-sensors. These switch off the lights when there is enough daylight and switch them back on at dusk. This makes the lights very energy efficient and easy to control.

LED area lights for schools can also work with passive infrared sensors to detect motion. LED shoebox-lights are perfect for areas that need wide-angle, intense light. They are ideal for surveillance cameras, thanks to their high color rendering abilities. They're eco-friendly, energy efficient, and built sturdy to withstand the outdoor environment.

LED wall packs install on building walls or building perimeters. They are powerful and generate uniform light in a school exterior. This eliminates shadows and dark spots to ensure the school is safe and secure.

LED flood lights are great in outdoor sports venues and areas that need bright, powerful light.


LED Lighting High School at Night

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