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Perimeter lighting adds security to your facility with energy efficient LED lighting. We have options available and in stock, ready to ship.

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Perimeter lighting is important for maintaining a high level of safety and security. Properly installed perimeter lighting can help eliminate crime of all sorts, be it theft or vandalism. Are you looking to prevent accidental injuries due to a lack of light around your building? Perimeter fence lighting can help with that need.

High quality LED perimeter lighting can make all the difference around outside of your facility. Unfortunately, traditional lights will not provide you the hours of life needed and require constant maintenance. LEDs will significantly reduce your maintenance cost. This is on top of the 70%+ saving you can expect by switching to LED.

LED Lighting Supply offers many forms of perimeter lighting for all your needs. We can provide both high power or low power solutions. We have high temperature solutions, high voltage solutions and options that includes motion sensor and photocell options.

We offer:

Parking Lot Perimeter Lights

Pole Top Perimeter Lights

High Mast Perimeter Lighting

Flood Light Perimeter Lights

Wall Mounted Perimeter Lighting

Perimter Lighting

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What is perimeter lighting?

Perimeter lighting is lighting installed along the boundaries of an outdoor open area or on the walls of a building to provide security lighting. There are several types of lights that provide perimeter lighting: flood lights, high mast lights and parking lot lights. On the exterior of buildings, you will typically use wall pack lights

How do you install perimeter lighting?

In large open area, most perimeter lights are installed on poles. On buildings, wall mounted lights, such as wall packs, sconce lights or or flood lights, are used.

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