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Perimeter lighting is important for maintaining a high level of safety and security. Properly installed perimeter lighting can help eliminate crime of all sorts, be it theft or vandalism. Are you looking to prevent accidental injuries due to a lack of light around your building? Perimeter fence lighting can help with that need.

High quality LED perimeter lighting can make all the difference around outside of your facility. Unfortunately, traditional lights will not provide you the hours of life needed and require constant maintenance. LEDs will significantly reduce your maintenance cost. This is on top of the 70%+ saving you can expect by switching to LED. 

LED Lighting Supply offers many forms of perimeter lighting for all your needs. We can provide both high power or low power solutions. We have high temperature solutions, high voltage solutions and options that includes motion sensor and photocell options.

We offer:

Parking Lot Perimeter Lights

Pole Top Perimeter Lights

High Mast Perimeter Lighting

Flood Light Perimeter Lights

Wall Mounted Perimeter Lighting

Perimter Lighting

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Large Area LED Perimeter Lighting

LED Shoebox

LED Shoe Box Lights

LED Shoebox Perimeter Lights

Shoebox light fixtures provide a wide scope of light that is effective and powerful. The lights are essential in parking lots. They light up dark parking areas and provide perimeter lighting.

If you’re still using high-intensity discharge lamps, the time for change is now. With shoebox lights, you can save a lot by cutting down on energy bills and lighting maintenance.

Shoebox lights have a classic design and are versatile. The lights come in different wattage which range from 50 watts to 1000 watts. LED used in shoebox lights easily replace 250W, 400W, 750W and 1000W HID shoebox lights.

LED Pole Top

LED Pole Top Lights

LED Pole Top Perimeter Lights

LED Pole top Perimeter lights are energy efficient alternatives to HID area lights. They are fixtures mounted on top of poles. and street lights for parks, pathways and pole lamps.


LED pole top fixtures mounted on top of poles direct all the light downwards. Most have a Type III, Type IV or Type V distribution that lights up the area around the pole. Pole top lights are found on pathways, pedestrian corridors and parking lot lights.

Choose from different color temperatures like 3000K, 4000K or 5000K. LED pole top area lights are low maintenance. They have better light quality than traditional HID pole top lamps.


LED High Mast

LED High Mast Lights

LED High Mast Perimeter Lights

High mast lights used in areas requiring light for perimeter and safety purposes. Shipping ports, transportation terminals, airports and highways all use Perimeter High Mast Lights. High mast Perimeter lights are usually mounted on tall lighting poles.

On average, the light poles are between 80 and 120 feet tall. The light poles usually have 4, 6, or 8 lighting fixtures. In some cases, the poles can have 10 or 16 lights mounted. Illuminating large areas is a job high mast lights do very well, which is why they are such great LED area lights.

Traditional high mast lights utilized high-pressure sodium bulbs and metal halides. They had very high maintenance costs due to their short lifespan. These lights also take a lot of time to cool down and to warm up, utilizing a lot of electricity in the process. This is why LED Perimeter high mast lights were well received as a replacement for HID Lights

LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Perimeter Lights

This is another type of LED Perimeter light. Flood lights are broad-beamed and high-intensity lights that light up outdoor spaces. You'll find flood are lights mounted on walls, roofs or poles.

They provide excellent perimeter lighting. The design and beam patterns allows for broad or narrow light dispersion. Business use them mounted on poles and walls to light up their outdoor spaces. Coupled with motion sensors, led flood lights provide powerful beam of quality light.

Flood lighting's used to light building facades and other architectural features. In this case, tight focused beams work best.

Wall Mounted LED Perimeter Lights

LED Wall Packs

LED Wall Packs

LED Wall Pack Perimeter Lights

Wall packs are also known as wall mounted lights. They're used in illuminating walkways, office complexes, parking lots, building perimeters, and landscapes. The lights provide perimeter lighting mounted to the exterior walls of buildings.

You can find Wall Pack Perimeter lights outdoors. Different styles of wall pack Perimeter lights exist for different functions. Flood styles broadcast light outward and down to flood the area near the light. Full Cutoff direct the light downwards only. Semi cutoff limits outward throw.

LED Dusk to Dawn with Photocell

LED Security Area Lights

LED Dusk to Dawn Perimeter Lights

Dusk to dawn LED Perimeter lights save more energy by turning the fixture on sunset and off at sunrise. The automatic on and off function reduces maintenance costs improves the fixture lifespan.

LED dusk to dawn fixtures have a built-in photocell to activate the light and turn it off.

LED dusk to dawn lights when combined with a motion sensor are also used for outdoor perimeter lights. They save even more energy by dimming when no one is around.


What is perimeter lighting?

Perimeter lighting is lighting installed along the boundaries of an outdoor open area or on the walls of a building to provide security lighting. There are several types of lights that provide perimeter lighting: flood lights, high mast lights and parking lot lights. On the exterior of buildings, you will typically use wall pack lights

How do you install perimeter lighting?

In large open area, most perimeter lights are installed on poles. On buildings, wall mounted lights, such as wall packs, sconce lights or or flood lights, are used.

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