LED Garage Lights

Garage lights are either low bay fixtures or linear strip fixtures mounted to the ceiling of a garage providing adequate light converting the garage space from a place to hold cars into a work shop. LED Garage Lights offer high quality maintenance free lighting for a garage that works well in cold or warm temperatures, and don’t flicker or hum like fluorescent garage lights.

What are the best LED lights for a garage?

The best LED Lights for a garage are the ones that provide the right combination of light output and light distribution. There is no perfect answer, but there is a perfect solution.

You can determine the best garage lighting by having us create a free lighting plan for you.

This will allow us to pick the perfect LED Garage light providing the right amount of light. This ensures its even and distributed so that your entire garage shop is bright and safe.

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Get Your Free Garage Lighting Plan

Garage lighting can apply to both residential garages for cars or home shops; or commercial car and auto repair garages. There are a variety of LED fixtures designed for these areas, as well as different mounting options to choose from. Providing well distributed and diffused light to cover a large area is available. Running a photometric evaluation in your area will determine what is the best lighting for a garage workshop.

Garage lighting can suspend from the ceiling three ways. Chain, pendant mount or mount to the ceiling with limited height. Industrial lighting for garages can provide both broad distribution as well as focused task lighting. LED carport lights are the ideal solution to reduce you energy bill with improved working conditions. Our team can help you chose the best lighting for auto body shops.

A Garage Lighting Plan ensures the lighting in perfect before you purchase. Take the risk out of buying LED.

Garage Lighting Plan

How Many Lumens do you need in a garage?

One way to calculate this is to first think about how bright you want your garage to be. This is a measurement of foot candles. From there, you would choose lights that produce the right amount of lumens to produce that foot candle measurement.

Sounds difficult? Guessing what light, how many, and how many lumens you need to product the proper amount of foot candles isn't something you can guess at. Fortunately, we have an indoor lighting calculator that will help you figure this out.

How many garage lights do you need?

It depends on quite a few factors.

How bright do you want you garage shop to be?

How high are the ceilings?

Are you looking to replace the existing lights in their current locations or can you do some re-wiring to optimize light locations?

We can create a free garage lighting plan so you don't have to guess at how many lights you need.

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