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LED Garage lights are either low bay fixtures or linear strip fixtures mounted to the ceiling of a garage providing adequate light converting the garage space from a place to hold cars into a work shop. Garage Lights offer high quality maintenance free lighting for a garage that works well in cold or warm temperatures, and don't flicker or hum like fluorescent garage lights.  Get Your Free LED Garage Lighting Plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to first time buyers and repeat customers to find out what questions they wished they had asked before buying garage lighting. Here’s the list below. If you couldn’t find the answer to your question, contact us on (888) 423-3191 and we’ll be happy to assist you.



What Type of Lighting Can Be Used in a Garage?

There are several types of lights that work well in garages: low bays, strip lighting, canopies and shop lighting. Since garages tend to have lower ceilings (< 20 ft), low power fixtures work better in these environments.

Mllg Led Hbc 150 50 Fc Shop Lighting

26x36x14 Shop 6 Hbc 10ow 66 Fc

What Color Temperature Is Best for a Garage?

We recommend either 4000K or 5000K.

Are Fluorescent or LED Lights Better in a Garage?

LED lights are much better. LEDs do not flicker or hum, and are much brighter than fluorescent lights. They start instantly in cold weather, so there are no long warm up periods. Plus, they use about half the energy of fluorescent fixtures.

Are LED Lights Safe for a Garage?

Yes, in fact, they are safer than fluorescent fixtures. There is no glass to break, and no mercury dust to contend with like fluorescent tubes that break.

Is It Better to Retrofit Existing Garage Lights or Use New Fixtures?

Unless there is a specific need to retrofit, we believe new fixtures are a better solution.

What Type of Lighting Should Be Used Outside of a Garage?

You can consider flood lights, parking lot fixtures, wall packs, or motion sensor security lights that turn on when motion is detected.

Led Flood Light 200 Watt With Pole Mount

200 Watt LED Flood Light

150 Watt Led Shoebox Slip Fitter Mount

150 Watt LED Shoebox

Full Cutoff Led Wall Pack

Full Cutoff Led Wall Pack

Motion Security Light

Motion Security Light

Before You Buy

How Much Light Do I Need for My Garage?

It really depends on the purpose and use of the garage. If the garage is used for storage or for parking cars, then less is needed (10 foot candles is more than enough). If the garage is used to work in, like a woodworking shop or a place to work on cars, then more light is needed, like 50 foot candles.

How Many Lumens Do You Need to Light a Garage?

Determine how bright you want the garage, in terms of foot candles, and then create a lighting plan. The lighting plan will lay out the fixtures required to meet the footcandles you need. It will also show you the number of fixtures and lumens per fixture.

How Much Does Garage Lighting Cost?

For an average sized garage, 24 X 24 ft, 4 to 6 fixtures are more than enough to provide bright lighting. We have different pricing levels based on the fixture type. Contact us and we can provide a quote to match your requirements.

My Garage Can Get Dusty. Will This Affect the Lights?

If the lenses get covered with dust, then yes. But they can be blown clean with compressed air, and light levels will be restored. Most of the lights we recommend for garages are sealed, there is no risk of dust entering the fixture. We also recommend an IP65 rated fixture to protect the fixture from the dust.

Can You Use Flood Lights Inside of a Garage?

You can, for specific task lighting, but for general purpose lighting, we recommend ceiling mounted fixtures, like UFO low bays or linear strip fixtures.

Canopy Low bay

Low Bay

LED Shop Light

LED Shop Light


Fixtures and Fittings

Do Your Fixtures Include a Motion Sensor?

We do have fixtures that have motion sensors, so if that's what you need, let us know and we will recommend the right lighting fixtures for your needs.

What Is the Warranty on Your Light Fixtures?

All our lighting fixtures are warrantied for 5 years.

Are Garage Lights Resistant to Impact?

Some are, in fact, we show the impact rating when it applies on the specs of the light fixtures. It's an IK rating system, between 01 and 10. IK10 has the highest rating.

Will 5000k Look Too Blue in My Garage?

No. We find that blue light really starts about 6000K. But if you’re concerned about this, 4000K is definitely not a blue light.


How Do You Install Outdoor Garage Lights?

There is nothing special about installing outdoor LED lights. Each fixture comes with detailed mounting and wiring instructions. A qualified electrician can easily install these lights for you.

How Do You Install Lights Above a Garage Door?

First you need to confirm the clearance above the door and then you need a fixture that will fit. If the doors are always open, it may not make sense to put the fixture above where the door is located as it will be blocked. We can help you figure out the best place to locate the fixtures in your garage.

How Do You Install Outside Garage Lights with No Previous Holes?

You may want to consider using a qualified electrician for new installations. They have all the tools and experience to install lights where none existed before.

How Do You Wire Shop Lights in a Garage?

All our lights are three wire lights, line, neutral and ground. If in doubt, we recommend using a qualified electrician to wire in new lights.

Can Garage Lights Be on the Same Circuit?

If you are retrofitting older lights, you should be fine, since LEDs use less energy and amps. How many lights can be installed on one circuit has more to do with the amps rating of the circuit, the voltage you are providing, and the amp draw per fixture (a simple calculation we can do for you).

Get Your Free Garage Lighting Plan

Garage lighting can apply to both residential garages for cars or home shops; or commercial car and auto repair garages. There are a variety of LED fixtures designed for these areas, as well as different mounting options to choose from. Providing well distributed and diffused light to cover a large area is available. Running a photometric evaluation in your area will determine what is the best lighting for a garage workshop.

Garage lighting can suspend from the ceiling three ways. Chain, pendant mount or mount to the ceiling with limited height. Industrial lighting for garages can provide both broad distribution as well as focused task lighting. LED carport lights are the ideal solution to reduce you energy bill with improved working conditions. Our team can help you chose the best lighting for auto body shops.

A Garage Lighting Plan ensures the lighting in perfect before you purchase. Take the risk out of buying LED.

40x30 Garage 6 Lights
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