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Benefits of Volleyball Court Lighting

5+ year warranty-backed LED indoor and outdoor volleyball court lights

Save up to 75% energy savings and perfected illumination for games of volleyball

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Solving Volleyball Court Lighting with Optics

One issue with lighting up outdoor volleyball courts is the location of the poles relative to the the court. The poles are usually far away from the edges of the court as to not disrupt or cause harm to the players. But this works against lighting, the closer it is to the area you are lighting, the better it is.

To solve this, we have a series of outdoor fixtures with "Forward Throw Optics". They distribute the majority of the light far from the base of the pole. This allows for the lights distribution to go where its needed, lighting up the courts.

Volleyball Court Lighting Calculation / Photometrics

Indoor Volleyball Court Lighting Plan

Outdoor Volleyball Court Lighting Plan

Indoor Volleyball Court Lighting
Outdoor Volleyball Court Lighting

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