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Solving Volleyball Court Lighting with Lighting Plans

One issue with lighting up outdoor volleyball courts is the location of the poles relative to the the court. The poles are usually far away from the edges of the court as to not disrupt or cause harm to the players. But this works against lighting, the closer it is to the area you are lighting, the better it is.

To solve this, we have a series of outdoor fixtures with "Forward Throw Optics". They distribute the majority of the light far from the base of the pole. This allows for the lights distribution to go where its needed, lighting up the courts.


Volleyball Court Lighting Calculation / Photometrics

Indoor Volleyball Court Lighting Plan

Outdoor Volleyball Court Lighting Plan

Indoor Volleyball Court Lighting
Outdoor Volleyball Court Lighting

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What are the best Indoor Volleyball Court lights?

You should consider using UFO Style LED High Bays mounted on the ceiling for indoor volley ball courts. These fixtures are round, compact and built to withstand high impact environments - like being hit by a volleyball. They are powerful and can easily replace 400 Watt and 1000 Watt Metal Halide. And they come with ant-glare options - like frosted lenses - so players looking up are not blinded by bright LED Lights.

What are the best Outdoor Volleyball Court lights?

There are really 2 options - High Power Sport Flood lights or traditional shoebox lights (also known as parking lot lights). What option is best for you depends entirely on your courts, pole placement and pole heights. There is really no true one best volleyball light - the best outdoor light is the one that gives you the best lighting.

Like indoor lights, flood lights and shoeboxes can easily replace Metal Halide and HPS court lights, so converting to LED will not be a problem. In the end, you will have much better, low maintenance, high quality LED Light for your outdoor volleyball courts.

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