LED Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kit

For Troffers or Industrial Strip Fixtures
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Led 2 Ft Magnetic Strip
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What are Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kits?

Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kits are linear led strips designed to replace fluorescent tubes inside existing fluorescent fixtures. They, along with the supplied LED Driver, have magnets installed to the backside so they an be easily attached to the existing fixture.

How do you install a Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kit?

Since you are replacing fluorescent tubes with LED strips, the process starts by removing the tubes, ballast and if you want, the sockets. You can then attach the led driver in the place where the fluorescent ballast was installed and attach it to the power source. Then attach the magnetic strips to the fixture body, and connect the strips to the driver using the easy connects. That's it!

Will these magnetic strip retrofit kits last as long as a new panel or troffer?

Yes. There is nothing inherent in their design to suggest they won't last as long as a new fixture. You should easily get years and years of high quality use out of led magnetic strip retrofit kits.

Are the Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kits UL or ETL Approved?

Yes. Our magnetic retrofit kits are UL / ETL listed and DLC Qualified. They are designed and meant to replace fluorescent tubes in existing fixtures.

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