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Magnetic Linear LED Retrofit Kit

Need a Free Magnetic Linear LED Retrofit Kit Lighting Plan?

Magnetic Linear LED Retrofit Kit

Need a Free Magnetic Linear LED Retrofit Kit Lighting Plan?

Magnetic Linear LED Retrofit Kits are a novel way to convert fluorescent fixtures over to LED. The strips magnetically attach themselves to the body or frame of the fixture with magnets. The fluorescent bulbs and ballast are replaced with the strips and led driver. Conversion is quick and easy!

LED Watts
Metal Halide Equivalent
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LED Wattage
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Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our customers what questions they wished they had asked before buying magnetic strip retrofit kits. If you couldn’t find the answer to your question, contact us on (888) 423-3191 to find the right lighting for you.

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What Are LED Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kits?

Magnetic strip retrofit kits are replacements for fluorescent tubes inside the existing fixture. The strips are about as long as the tube they replace and have magnetics on the back so they can quickly attach themselves to the fixture. 

They also include an LED driver that has magnets as well. The strip quickly connects to the driver, and the driver connects to the fixture’s power source.

Can You Use a Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kit in 2x2 Panel Light Fixtures?

Yes, we have a 2 ft strip for that.

Can Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kits Be Used in Explosion Proof Fixtures?

Our retrofit kits are UL1598C approved for regular fixture retrofitting. However, to use them inside an existing hazardous location fixture, they also need to be UL844 approved, which they are not.

Where Are Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kits Typically Used?

Magnetic strip retrofit kits are usually used for fluorescent tube replacements in panel fixtures, troffer fixtures, linear strip or vapor tight fixtures, and high bays that use T5 or T5 tubes.

Can you use a magnetic strip retrofit kit in 2x4 panel light fixtures?

We have double strip kits that can upgrade a 2X4 panel. If you need more light, you can install 2 kits in a single 2x4.


What Are the Benefits of Using LED Strip Light Retrofit Kits Over a New Fixture?

They allow for a quick replacement of fluorescent bulbs over to LED without all the hassle of new fixture installation and old fixture disposal.

Do You Have 4 Foot Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kits That Can Be Used in Troffers?

We do, the strips we offer work in both panels and troffers. The only criteria is that they need to be attached to the steel surface of the fixture.

How Many Retrofit Kits Do You Need for a 8 Foot Tube?

(2) 4ft strips can replace (1) 8 ft tube.

Will Installing a Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kit in an Explosion Proof Fixture Affect Its Integrity?

It shouldn’t, if the strip and driver fit perfectly inside the fixture.

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Are Your Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kits DLC?

They are, and are eligible for utility rebates.

Can They Be Used in Vapor Tight Fixtures or My Shop Lights?

Yes, they can, they are designed for these fixtures.


Do I Still Use the Tombstones in the Existing Fixture?

No, magnetic strips don’t use tombstones like LED tubes do.

Is There a Hole for Mounting a Tek Screw as a Backup to the Magnets?

Yes, there are holes for mounting back up screws.

How Long Does It Take to Install Magnetic Strips?

The process is very simple and easy. A qualified electrician can install these strips in under 15 minutes or less.

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