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LED Bridge Lighting

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LED Bridge Lighting


Our bridge LED lighting products are bringing costs down, and visual appeal up. Since LEDs offer a very controllable color temperature, you can achieve your bridge lighting design. This allows for both improved public views, traffic, and pedestrian safety.

Additionally, regular lighting for bridges doesn't stop there. We offer lighting for the tops of high bridges, under, sides, and even pedestrian bridge lighting. Together, we can achieve the desired outcome. Get energy savings, fixture quality, and high light output to meet budgets while achieving the best look possible.

Reduced energy usage

A sustainable bridge is possible with a LED bridge lighting system. With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption. Also bridges are saving a lot with longer lifespans, reduced maintenance costs, and rebates.


Better Public View

Bridges can make for a great photo, view, and even attraction at night. Create a unique experience with LED worth viewing. Not only will the lighting and view be improved with LED, they will also reduce light pollution. This is a common concern with bridge lighting not previously addressed with other lighting.


Increased safety & security

Drivers need crisp and clear roads for safe driving. Additionally, pedestrians need to feel safe by seeing everything around them. With the sufficient amount of light that LED bridge lights will put off; both of these issues are resolved, all with LED.


Pedestrian Bridge Lighting

In addition to car bridges, we also offer outdoor lighting solutions and design advice for pedestrian bridges. Whether they stand alone or are right beside a vehicle bridge. We can help craft a perfect pedestrian bridge lighting design to achieve the goals of the project.

These footbridges need great light for an exceptional experience, along with a large increase in safety and security. With LED bridge lighting fixtures, footbridge lighting can become a safe and pleasant place for people to use.

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