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Interior Light Retrofit Solutions for Vandal Proof Fixtures


LED Recessed Can Retrofit Kit

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45W Recessed Can Retrofit Kit for Correctional Facilities

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LED Magnetic Strip Retrofit for Correctional Facilities

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LED Panels

LED Prison Lights – Correctional Lighting

Over the last four decades, the incarceration rates in the U.S have hit the 500% growth mark. The strain on correctional institutions' resources is increasing by the day. There's a need for cost cutting by facilities, which puts a spotlight on efficiency.

Currently, the budget allocation for running correctional institutions is at $80 billion. The federal government pays a paltry 10% of these costs. Over 57% of these costs are paid for by state governments, while local governments foot 33% of the bill.

Correctional institutions have a collective utility bill of over $1.7 billion. Let that sink in – $1.7 billion!

The most significant contributor to this high bill is energy. The costs of heating, cooling and lighting up facilities in use 24 hours a day, are massive.

The pressure and costs of operating and maintaining prisons are tremendous. But here lies an opportunity to save on expenditure. The colossal scale of such operations can provide excellent opportunities to find solutions.

Any small step toward sustainability can help state and local governments to save a lot of money. Sustainability practices cushion and protect the environment surrounding these correctional centers.


The Unique Lighting Challenges Posed By Correctional Institutions

The archaic prisons of old known for horrible standards of living are long gone. Today, prisoners’ civil liberties have to be upheld. Correctional institutions today focus not only on protection, but on deterrence and repatriation.

Unlike with buildings where security keep people out, correctional institutions keep people in. The individuals inside these facilities are there against their will. Add this to the fact that these facilities never shut down for holidays, weekends, or winter. Plus, it's a high-maintenance environment.

Incarcerating and protecting them from each other – while preventing them from getting out – is a challenge. The budgetary constraints and overcrowding make it even harder to ensure efficiency. Proper surveillance and well-designed infrastructure can help you to overcome these challenges.


Good Lighting Practices Are Key To Energy Efficiency

High-quality lighting is the foundation on which surveillance runs. Good lighting fixtures go a long way towards ensuring operational efficiency and safety. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, lighting accounts for 33 percent of electricity used in jails and penitentiaries.

This is a huge expenditure for these non-profit making entities. Older correctional facilities are energy-intensive and built with little regard for efficient cooling, heating, and lighting. Most states are passing laws to reduce negative impacts on the environment and cut down expenses.

Correctional institutions must balance efficiency and intelligent design to keep up with the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA). The act discourages inefficient lighting systems and recommends greener, energy-efficient, and long-lasting light bulbs.

Prison lights operate for over 18 hours a day. In this high-abuse environment, the lights may only be switched off for six hours each day, on average. If you decide to use energy efficient bulbs in a small section, you can reduce the utility bill by more than 10%. If you adopt energy-efficient lighting in the whole facility, the savings can be tremendous.

Ease of Maintenance is Vital in Reducing Costs and Enhancing Safety

The maintenance of light fixtures can cause huge logistics hurdles for correctional facilities. HID and fluorescent lights operate for a little while before re-lamping. While fluorescent lights can last up to four years, because of inefficiency, maintenance schedules can be semi-annually.

During the maintenance process, prisoners may have to be moved from one block to the other. Other prisons may lock up the inmates for long periods while the exercise is going on. This creates security issues when dealing with difficult inmates. It also puts an enormous burden on the facilities’ human resource.

Safety protocols after re-lamping are also quite demanding. All tools used have to be inventoried, and the place has to be swept clean when completed. The importance of lighting fixtures that need minimum maintenance cannot be overemphasized. Fewer re-lamping episodes equal fewer opportunities for prisoners to breach security.

Equally important is the fact that prisoners have no incentive to maintain the fixtures in the facility. Poorly designed lighting systems will, therefore, make the facilities unsafe due to vandalism.

Let us look at some of the LED prison lights that are ideal for correctional institutions.


Indoor LED Correctional Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures


High mast lights

Area lights

Flood lights

Wall pack lights

Parking Areas

Indoor Lighting Fixtures


    Cell lights

    General Area Lighting

    Indoor Gym Lighting

      Powerful Security Lighting for Prisons

      It’s extremely important to ensure the security within a correctional facility. Bright effective lighting is important, whether its outdoor flood lights, yard lights, high masts or wall mounted lights. LED provides instant strike time, so blips in power means your lights are coming back on right away! LED Lighting Supply can offer high power LED solutions that can EASILY replace up to 2000W Metal Halide, HPS or HID, with long warranties, long life spans and incredible light output. We have already installed our products in many outdoor areas within the walls of prisons and correctional facilities.


        Our LED prison lights offer

        Decreased maintenance, and as a result, cut down costs

        Their lifespan exceeds that of conventional bulbs by up to 10 times. Fewer bulb replacements will translate to cost savings

        They have a better color rendering index compared to their HID counterparts

        They are better at light production because they do not convert a lot of energy into heat

        They distribute light better because they are not omnidirectional like HID lights

        They merge perfectly with light control systems, for automatic control of light output and intensity.



        We can easily replace or retrofit

        High Mast Lighting, up to 2000W HID

        Area Lighting, up to 2000W HID

        Flood Lighting, up to 2000W HID

        Wall Pack Lighting, 400W+ HID

        Parking Fixtures: 1000W+ HID

        Indoor Gym Lighting: 1000W+ HID

        Office Lighting with color adjustable Panels: 2X2 and 2X4

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