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What Is Commercial Lighting Design?

Commercial lighting design is a process of creating a lighting plan for commercial lighting in indoor and outdoor spaces. The design models the physical space of the commercial area. The lighting designers add lights within the model to create a lighting design report. It indicates how the space would look once you convert to our lighting and will indicate brightness (measured in foot candles) and light distribution.

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What Is the Ideal Commercial Lighting Layout for Commercial Spaces?

The ideal layout includes all the information needed to make an informed decision. That would include the type and quantity of lighting used. It shows the light levels across the space. It also reports the light balance calculations for areas within the space.


What Are the Typical Commercial Lighting Standards?

Lighting standards depend on the utilization of the space. For example, commercial office lighting and commercial warehouse space have different requirements. There is no one size fits all answer for all commercial spaces. Office areas can range from 30-50 foot candles. Large open warehouse spaces can range from 20 to 60 foot candles.

When Should You Use a Commercial Lighting Calculator?

Commercial lighting calculators are simple tools. They’re designed to give you a rough estimate of the number of fixtures you might need in a commercial space. They are a good first step for budgetary calculations. But should never replace a lighting plan.

What Are the Primary Considerations When Doing Commercial Outdoor Exterior Lighting Design?

The goals are like indoor spaces. Light levels have to meet the customers’ needs. And the design has to show how well lit and balanced the outdoor space is.

What Are the Primary Considerations When Doing Commercial Building Lighting Design?

The primary consideration is ensuring the space meets the required light levels. And that the light’s balanced and even across the space. It is important to get the light levels correct. This can impact employee productivity and safety.

How Do You Calculate How Much Light You Need for a Space using Commercial LED Lights?

There isn’t a calculation to determine this. There are standards that are specific to different types of spaces and areas. A lighting plan’s created to determine the type of fixtures needed. It provides a count of fixtures needed and ideal mounting locations.

How Many Foot Candles Do You Need for Commercial Lighting?

This is completely dependent on the use and purpose of the commercial space. What you need in an office setting is different from most commercial warehouse spaces. Our experts can help you determine what is the best option for your space.

What Are The Most Important Attributes Of Commercial LED Lighting Design To Consider?

It is crucial to consider both interior and exterior lighting when planning. For commercial exterior lighting design, it’s important to select light fixtures that can withstand the elements while putting out enough light for safety and security. For commercial interior lighting design, it’s important to select lighting that will create a productive work environment.

This can mean crisp light for workers in an office or bright even lighting in a distribution center. It also means selecting the proper color temperature for the space. We offer lighting with color temperature ranging from 3000K to 5000K. Generally speaking, choosing the right lighting will create a safe and functional space for your business.


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