Commercial Lighting Plan

Looking to convert your commercial space from metal halide or fluorescent to LED? Commercial spaces can be very large, and expensive. So its paramount the lighting conversion project is a success. Even of the space is smaller, no one wants to do a commercial lighting conversion project only to find out how badly the lighting looks. When a space is lit up well, it feels good to be in the space. But a badly lit space feels bad. Its either too dark, too bright or the lighting is unbalanced and uneven.

Fortunately, there is a simple step 1 that you can do first that almost guarantees success. Create a Commercial Lighting Plan.


So by doing a simple commercial lighting plan calculation, you can see what your space can look like before you even spend 1 dollar. We can assist you in determining the option with the best light distribution for your need.

We strongly believe that performing an indoor or outdoor commercial lighting calculation before you purchase greatly reduces the risk of buying the wrong fixture.

warehouse lighting after conversion

What is a Commercial Lighting Plan?

Commercial Lighting Design Plans are developed inside special lighting software programs. The software start out by modeling a commercial space (height, width, length of the space or spaces). With input from the customer, LED light fixtures are imported into the plan and placed at existing locations or – if its a new space – at locations designed to meet or match a foot candle requirement.

Calculations can be run and the results can be analyzed. Lights can be swapped in and out. The software will show you what the best light choice is because the light plan reports foot candle readings across the space and how even and balanced the light levels are.

Want more light? Less light? Subsequent calculations can be performed until the results are satisfactory.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Design

An outdoor commercial lighting plan can show you exactly how well lit the area around your commercial building will be lit at night. This includes parking areas, walk ways, building facades and exterior wall mounted fixtures. We can even model the space inside commercial parking structures.

A lighting plan for an outdoor commercial space will not only show you how bright the are will be, but how well the light is distributed. What good is bright light if its not equal throughout the entire area?

We have done 100’s of outdoor design plans for commercial parking lots, parking garages, open areas, building security and walk paths. So working with us, you will be able to take advantage of the years of experience we have developing lighting plans and creating lighting solutions.

Want a Free Commercial Lighting Design Plan?

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Led Panel Lighting Plan

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