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Data Center Lighting Design

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The first question when working on a project is often: How Many LED Lights Do I Need for a Data Center? A data center lighting fixture layout is the ideal first step to ensure your data center facility LED lighting gives the desired foot candle level and bright light. Keep the space bright and the lighting balanced with a data center lighting design photometric plan.

What Is Included With A Lighting Plan?

Checkmark Custom lighting layout with count & Placement
Checkmark Foot candle and light balance calculations
Checkmark Light fixture recommendation and quote
Checkmark Dedicated lighting specialist to assist with your project

How long does it take to get a plan?

Indoor1-2 business days
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data center is unique in terms of layouts. Understanding the layout, location, heights of computer racks, ceiling heights, existing lights (if any), and anything else that’s unique about the environment, plays a crucial role in creating a lighting plan.

Racks of computers can impede lighting from creating a more universal light coverage. This is a similar problem found in many warehouses with rows of racking. Designing all obstructions into the plan ensures the light in the rows between computer racks meets the lighting requirements of the data center.

The ideal layout provides uniform light coverage and an adequate amount of light to support the work required and the safety of your workers.

Data centers are unique in that many of the times the space is inhabited, so it makes sense to use motion-sensing lights in the space. However, it’s not an area that requires super bright lighting. Below is a general guideline of how well lit a data center should be.

Server Rooms 30-50 fc
Repair Areas 50-75 fc
Storage Areas 20-30 fc
Hallways and Corridors 20-30 fc

There are two aspects to heat. The first is the amount of heat generated by the lighting that adds to the overall HVAC load. Fortunately, LED is one of the best lights for this issue, as it generates very little heat. The second is the ambient temperature at light install levels, and whether it will affect the lifespan of the chosen fixture based on that fixture’s operating temperature specifications. If heat is an issue, it should be identified in the specifications so that we can choose a fixture that has a higher tolerance to temperatures.

We’d be happy to create a customized lighting plan for you which will detail the specific lighting needs for each space. We have done this for many data centers. And can provide you with a roadmap of LED lighting before you buy any lights.

The lights are usually mounted on the ceiling. They are either in a ceiling grid or are surface mounted to the ceiling. Discuss your requirements and environment with us. We can recommend the best options for your needs.