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Outdoor LED Canopy Lights

Canopy lights are used in a myriad of applications. These include underground parking garages, covered walk ways and overheads, gas stations and bank ATM drive throughs. Canopy lights are used in commercial applications to illuminate walkways and aisles and are excellent options for outdoor lighting. LED canopy lights can easily convert Metal Halide and HPS Canopy Lights - providing bright, powerful and cost effective outdoor lighting. These fixtures can be surface mounted or suspended mounted using pendants. 

Covered Walkway Canopy LED Lights

LED canopy lighting illuminates walkways and extends daytime business hours. Canopy lighting is perfect for backyard canopies, outdoor walkways, and yards around buildings.

Walkway canopy lights provide shadow-free illumination to covered walkways. The lights provide lighting design flexibility for a wide range of applications providing safe, bright, high quality led canopy lighting.


LED Parking Garage Lighting

LED canopy Parking Garage light fixtures can be suitable for small garages and carports. They provide bright, high quality lighting.

When paired with motion sensors, they can brighten when motion's detected. For commercial businesses, this creates a more inviting environment.

These square led canopy lights are surface mounted. 

Car Dealership Service Centers and Showrooms

Auto dealers usually open their businesses from morning hours and into the night. LED canopy lighting can transform automotive dealership service centers and car showrooms.

Service centers usually have lower ceilings and require bright, high-quality light. This is where the inspections of vehicles occur for estimates. Car showrooms have higher ceilings and need very bright lights to showcase the inventory. Bright, high-quality light is also needed to show off the vehicles on sale.  

LED Gas Station Square Canopy Lights

Traditional Gas Station canopy light fixtures consume a lot of electricity. LEDs replace HID canopy lights with a higher quality, more efficient light source. They can dim to take advantage of ambient lighting.

They provide a bright, safe and welcoming experience for customers. LED canopy lights are able to withstand demanding conditions of an outdoor environment. 

What are Canopy lights?

Canopy lights are typically outdoor mounted overhang fixtures. The light typically shines downwards and lights up the area underneath. They are typically very durable fixtures, water resistant with vandal resistant lenses.

What are the best LED Canopy lights?

The Best LED Canopy Light may differ for each customer and for each application. The "Best LED Canopy Light" is the one that provides the best lighting and does it efficiently to reduce your lighting bill. What is best for one canopy application may not be best for your area. A good way to determine what is the best canopy light for you is to create a canopy lighting plan. LED Lighting Supply offers free Canopy Lighting Plans to help you decide what fixture is best for your covered area.

How Many Canopy Lights do you need?

If you have existing canopy lights, then a one for one replacement should work well.  LED lights can easily replace Metal Halide and fluorescent lighting options.

The best way to determine how many you need where no lights currently exist is to have a canopy lighting plan developed. A canopy lighting plan uses photometric software to model your covered outdoor space. It creates a report that shows light locations, foot candle readings and light distribution.

What are the different types of Canopy lights?

There are two main types of LED Canopy Lights: Surface Mount and Recessed Mount. They typically come in 2 shapes: round or square.

Surface Mount installs on the surface of overhead ceiling, standing proud of the ceiling. They are typically square or round. LED Surface Mount canopy lights can be a lot slimmer than the Metal Halide and HPS lights they replace.

Recessed Mount Canopy lights mount in a recessed cavity of a ceiling. You find these at gas stations in the structure over the pumps.

Are LED Canopy Lights a good replacement for Metal Halide Canopy Lights?

Yes. We have LED Canopy Lights that can replace Metal Halide between 150 Watts to 400 Watts (and more if you really need). LED Canopy light is high quality lighting with high CRIs and multiple color temperature options, including 4000K and 5000K.