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Outdoor Canopy Lights

Need a Free Outdoor Canopy Lighting Plan?
Need a Free Outdoor Canopy Lighting Plan?

Outdoor Canopy Lights


Outdoor Canopy Lights are typically outdoor mounted overhang fixtures. The light typically shines downwards and lights up the area underneath. They are very durable fixtures, water resistant with vandal resistant lenses. Canopy lights are sturdy and made of die cast aluminum and bronze in color and you can usually find them in either round or square shapes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We asked new and existing customers to find out their biggest questions when buying canopy lights. If you cannot find the answer to a question you have, please call us at (888) 423-3191 and we will do our best to assist you.

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What Is a Canopy Light Fixture?

A canopy light is a ceiling outdoor light fixture that is typically found over covered areas, above ground and below ground parking areas.

They are usually ceiling mounted fixtures, and since the mounting heights are lower, they tend to have very wide beam angles to ensure the light can reach as much area as possible considering the shorter mounting heights.

Why Should I Upgrade Existing Canopy Lighting?

There are many reasons to upgrade your existing canopy lighting. The most obvious ones are reducing your lighting bill and significantly reducing the maintenance on these lights. What’s more, they are also of a very high quality and are a safe lighting for making dark areas far more inviting for customers and employees. They will also never hum or flicker, like tired fluorescent lights and ballast do.

What Are the Benefits of LED Canopy Lights?

Many canopy lights offer the same benefits of LED lights over fluorescent or metal halide - that is, reduced lighting bills and much lower energy costs. They work well with dimmers and motion sensors, so the lights can dim when there is no activity in the area. This will lower your lighting bills even more, and prolong the lifespan of the light. They work really well at lower mounting heights.

What Are the Different Types of Canopy Lights?

The two main types are recessed mounted and surface mounted fixtures. Recessed mounts are installed in pre-made inserts inside overhead canopies. These are very common at your local gas station.

Surface mount, or ceiling surface mount, mount directly to the ceiling surface. Out of the two types, surface mount is more common to see in commercial settings. Many of the canopies we offer can also be pendant mounted.

LED Canopy Light

Surface Mount Canopy Light

Recessed Mount Canopy Light

Recessed Mount Canopy Light

Canopy Low bay

LED Low Bay

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Seamless Led Vapor Tight


Why Choose a Canopy Rather Than an UFO Fixture?

There are some significant differences between these fixtures. First, you have to understand the application for which these fixtures are intended for. If the ceiling heights are short, < 12 feet, a UFO fixture’s beam angle might not be able to cast a wide enough beam pattern.

And for security and vandal reasons, UFO fixtures are not ceiling mounted like canopy lights are, so there's a chance that the lights could be removed.

What Color Temperature Is Best for Canopy Lights?

The most common color temperature used with canopies is 5000K. 4000K and 3000K is also available on selected options.

Are Canopy Lights Suitable for Damp Locations?

Yes, but make sure the fixture is IP65 rated or has a higher IP Rating. The other common rating we see is “Suitable for damp locations”. This is not a true IP Rating.

Why Choose a Canopy Light Over a Vapor Proof Fixture?

Vapor proof lights make great replacements for fluorescent style canopy lights you see in above ground and below ground parking spaces. Unlike the UFO’s, you could easily choose a vapor tight fixture or a canopy light and get great results from either light.

Are Canopy Lights Waterproof?

Most are waterproof, but be careful before you buy, and if you need a wet-location-rated light, make sure the fixture you chose has an IP65 or higher rating. All our lights are IP65 rated or higher.

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Do LED Canopy Lights Work with Motion Sensors?

Yes they do, and if the canopy light includes a dimmable driver, then they can dim when cars and people have vacated the area. And when motion is detected, they instantly turn back on to full power.

Do Canopy Lights Work with Photocells?

They do, so the lights will turn on at dusk and off at dawn. But we rarely see photocells used with canopies. Any standard button photocell can be used.


What Are the Best Applications for Canopy Lights?

You will find canopy lights installed in garages or low ceiling workshops, under gas station covered canopies, inside underground car parking garages as well as above ground parking facilities.

Can You Mount Canopy Lights directly to a Ceiling Surface?

Yes you can. Canopy lights easily mount to a ceiling surface, making them a great replacement option.


How Do You Install Canopy Lights?

The installation of canopy lights is quick and easy and no more difficult than installing a metal halide, high pressure sodium or fluorescent fixture. For a qualified electrician, all mounting hardware is included. The wiring is simple, there are only three wires to connect, line, neutral and ground.

Can a Canopy Light Be Pendant Mounted?

Some canopy lights we offer also have a pendant mount option if that is what you need. Contact one of our lighting experts and we can walk you through the process of selecting the right light for your requirements.

Do You Offer Canopy Lighting Plans?

We do, and have done 1000s of lighting plans for our commercial and industrial customers. This allows us to offer you the best lighting solution so there are no surprises when you install and use the lights.

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Why Are Canopy Lighting Plans Important?
Lighting plans are a fundamental first step into starting a LED Conversion project. By using software, your outdoor area is modeled inside the software, and LED Lights are placed in your current locations or new ones (at your request).

The lighting plan then calculates how well these lights will perform, how bright the space will be, and how well the light will be balanced. Dark spots can be designed out, lights can be replaced, removed or added. Wattages can be increased or reduced. All tailored so you end up with a successful lighting conversion project.

Parking Garage Lighting Plan
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