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LED Area Lights

LED Area Lights are a series of outdoor fixtures that brighten up large and small outdoor areas. These lights were designed to replace high power traditional Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium Area lighting. LED Area Lighting Fixtures include the following light categories: shoebox lights, parking lot lights, pole top lights, post top lights, high mast lights, flood lights, canopy light and wall packs.
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Can you use lighting controls with LED Area Lights?

Yes. The most common lighting control used outdoors are photocells and motion sensors. 

Photocells turn lights on at dusk and off at dawn

Motion Sensors turn lights to full brightness when motion is detected and off when no activity is detected

Lighting controls work well with LED Area Lights because they, be design, can be dimmed. They also can turn on and off instantly, so they work well with motion sensors. 

What are the best LED Area Lights?

The "Best LED Area Light Fixture" are the ones that work best for your outdoor area. There is no such thing as a single Best LED Area light. Different areas have different requirements and conditions, and no one light serves all needs and functions.

The best way to determine what area light is best for you is to create an Area Lighting Plan. We can help you with that, and create a plan that models your outdoor area, light and pole locations. We then add lights to these locations ( or new locations if you need ) and can show you what led area lights we think are the Best Area Lights are for you.

What are the benefits of Commercial LED Area Lights over Metal Halide and other traditional light sources?

There are many benefits. Here are just a few.

works with lighting controls because LED is dimmable and instant on - instant off

color temperature options to meet your needs - 4000K and 5000K

dramatically lowers energy consumption and drastically lowers maintenance costs - no bulbs or ballasts to replace

high quality light (CRI of 70 or greater)

wattage and lumen packages that can easily replace 150 watts, 250 watts, 400 watts and 1000 watts metal halide 

Are Area Lights the same as Parking Lot Lights?

A LED Parking Lot Lights is typically referred to as a LED Shoebox Area Light. It is a specific type of light designed primarily to light up parking lots. Area lighting is a bit more general in nature. Depending on the outdoor area space you are looking to light up, an LED Area Lighting Fixture is a broader class of lighting technology - where the best fixture is used to provide light to specific outdoor areas.

How many LED Area Lights do you need?

The most accurate way to calculate the number of LED Lights you need is to create an AREA lighting plan.

An AREA lighting plan will provide you a report on how bright your outdoor area can be. It will also show you evenly distributed the light is between light fixtures. We can create your custom area lighting plan for your outdoor area for Free.

This takes the risk out of your LED purchase.

Parking Lot Lighting Plan

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