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LED Lights For Airports


Airports, from the terminal to the hangars, need proper lights for safety and security. LED airport lighting systems are versatile working inside and out any airport application. Quality lights and saving energy is what they're best known for. It's why LED airport lights are getting so popular.

Industrial Grade LED Airport Flood and Security lights are designed for airport environments. 100W to 1000W producing up to 140,000+ lumens. When you need outdoor airport area lighting, we have it all covered.

LED Lighting Supply Industrial Grade LED Airport Tarmac Lights are designed to perform indoors and outdoors at airports and air bases. Designed with safety in mind, these lights provide exceptional light. They have lower maintenance requirements than the HID lights they replace.

Tarmac lights offer PWM Drivers, Light Spillage control and anti-glare. These lights are not flood lights, they are specific for airport tarmac operations.

Airport Lighting of Hangar is bright with LED Lights


Airport Lighting - Airport Arrival Gate Flood Lights


Whether you need lights for a parking lots or airport flood lights in the field LED is the solution. Replace old technologies that use up excess energy and output low quality light.

Low quality light has no place at an airport. Whether it's the waiting area, security, hangars, parking lots, or on the runway. Low quality lighting can cause major accidents in such a fragile environment. It is absolutely to follow the necessary aircraft hangar lighting requirements.

LED never flickers or buzzes and offers select color temperatures. You can ensure the light output throughout your entire airport facility is of high quality. It's there to help aid in safety and security.

It is especially important for the airport terminal lighting system to be high quality. That is why we work with only the best airport lighting manufacturers. Why is the airport terminal lighting system so important? People are often stuck here for hours waiting, and a poor lighting system can make it a bad experience for many. Commercial LED airport terminal lights are the same quality for indoors.

As for outdoors, hangars to the runway, airport LED lights perform in high heat or freezing cold. This is crucial as airports need light at all times for optimal safety.

Airport Tarmac Lit Up with LED

5 Reasons to consider LED Lighting Upgrades at the Airport

1. Reduced Costs

Reducing airport lighting costs becomes practical and sustainable with LED aircraft hangar fixtures. It easy to reduce airport lighting costs by over 50% or more. With LED, you can save on maintenance costs with longer lifespans and no bulb changes.  Rebates maybe available to help lower the initial cost of purchase.

2. Increased Security

LED offers high quality light that doesn't degrade the same as other lighting technologies, like HID. They can work in both hot and cold environments, and allow for instant on & off switching.

The features of our efficient LED hangar & airport lighting offer are critical for a secure and safe airport environment

3. Improved Visibility for a Brighter and Safer Experience - for customers and workers

People do not want to wait or work in a poor lit, distracting, and irritable lighting system. This is what happens with fluorescent, metal halide, HPS, or any other HID lighting system. They are prone to flickering and buzzing, with low quality light, all which give a poor experience.
LED terminal lights remove all these issues from occurring. Its exactly why visitors prefer LED vs other lighting technologies. And it is imperative to maintain safe working areas... on the tarmac for the workers that load and unload planes, refuel and perform maintenance.

4. PWM LED Drivers to maintain exact color temperature for Tarmac Lighting

Our outdoor LED Airport Tarmac lights are equipped with PWM drivers. These lights are capable of maintaining exact color temperature which is important in an outdoor tarmac.


These lights can produce up to 130,000 lumens capable of replacing 2000W Metal Halide. We also offer all our Retrofit Options with a PWM upgrade option. This allows you to convert you existing fixtures over to LED without the need to replace the fixture.

5. Anti Glare and No Light Spillage


Our LED Tarmac Lights are designed specifically to control glare and light spillage.
Each light bar can adjust to where the light is needed, and more important, where it is not.
This makes for brighter areas and safer environments for pilots and ground crews. We have the lumens to light up the hardest areas with optic packages from spot to flood.

Anti Glare LED Tarmac Light that is designed to control glare and light spillage


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