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Factory Lighting is typically high power, high heat and explosion proof solutions designed to replace Metal Halide and Fluorescent. Factories are large indoor spaces with demanding environments and high ceilings. Having the right light can make all the difference when it comes to having a successful LED Factory Lighting conversion. Get Your Free Factory Lighting Plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Factory Lighting?

Factories are more demanding than normal commercial spaces. The lights needed must also match these areas. Factory lighting should be robust and impact resistant. In fact, some factories might need high temperature lighting, or have hazardous explosive areas.

Is It Better to Use High Bay and Low Bay Lighting in a Factory?

That depends on the ceiling height. If it’s anything below 20 feet, a low bay light will probably work better. A high bay in this space would be too bright. If the ceiling height is above 20 feet, a high bay would be a better choice.

Led Lights In Factory

Is It Better to Use UFO or Linear Style Lighting in a Factory?

UFO fixtures are more robust, impact resistant and better suited for industrial environments. UFOs are also waterproof and some models can withstand ambient temperatures up to 140F. If the environment is dirty, we recommend an IP65 rated UFO fixture.

What Are the OSHA, ANSI and IES Foot Candle Requirements for Factory Lighting?

Here are the OSHA requirements for a factory:

Offices and first-aid stations: 30 foot candles
General shops and construction plants: 10 foot candles
General construction areas, warehouses, walkways and corridors: 5 foot candles
Underground work areas: 5 foot candles
Waste areas, loading platforms, active storage areas, field maintenance areas: 3 foot candles

Here are the ANSI and IES requirements, converted to foot candles:

Areas not typically used for visual tasks: 10-20 foot candles
Areas used for large-scale visual tasks / high contrast requirements: 20-50 foot candles
Areas used for small-scale visual tasks / medium contrast: 50-100 foot candles
Spaces used for very small-scale visual tasks / low contrast: 100-200 foot candles

LED UFO High Bay

LED UFO High Bay

Led Linear High Bay Ip66 4

Led Linear High Bay

Before You Buy

Are There Specific Requirements for Factory Lighting?

You first have to understand the lighting needs and requirements as well as what are the physical requirements of the plant. Factories can be dirty, hot and dusty environments. Understanding this will help us to suggest the best lighting solution for you.

The Temperature in Our Steel Factory Can Get Up to 140 Degrees. Can Your Fixtures Withstand These Temperatures?

Yes, we have many high temperature options. We have models that are capable of ambient temperatures up to 212F.

How Durable Are These Fixtures? Can They Withstand Impact from Normal Factory Operations?

The rating for impact is IK. It's a rating between 1 and 10, with 10 being the highest rating available. We have many fixtures that have been rated at IK10.

Is a 300 Watt LED Fixture Enough Light to Replace 1000 Watt Metal Halide Lights at 45 Feet?

Most likely, yes, but there are other factors that come into play as well. Fixture spacing is one of them. If you can provide us with a layout of your factory, along with light locations, we can create a lighting plan for you to make sure we meet your foot candle requirements.

High Temperature 176F

High Temperature 176F

High Temperature 212F

High Temperature 212F

Do I Need Vapor Tight Fixtures in a Factory?

If your factory produces harmful vapors that would shorten the life of the fixture, then yes - we recommend vapor tight fixtures. But don’t confuse this with hazardous explosive environments. Only use explosion proof lighting in these areas.

Fixtures and Fittings

Do Your Factory Lights Have an Emergency Backup (EMB) Option?

Some of our lights can be equipped with EMBs, and some are external to the fixture. However, the fixture needs to be dimmable for this to work.

Is a Motion Sensor an Available Option?

Yes, it is. If this is something you need, we can find a fixture that you can add motion sensors to. Some of our fixtures come standard with them already attached.

What Mounting Options Are Available for Installing Lights in a Factory?

We can offer eye-hook, pendant, trunnion and wire / chain mounts.

Can Light Fixtures Run 24/7 in a Factory or Do They Need to Be Given a Rest?

You can operate them 24/7 if that’s what you need. Let us know if that’s a requirement and we can find the best fixture for your application.

300 Watt High Bay Steel Factory

Our factory is a very dusty environment. Will this impact the light fixtures performance?

The dust may impede the light if dust is allowed to collect on the lens. We recommend cleaning of the lens and fixture to make sure it is operating properly.

We have software in place for our factory’s lighting. Can I use your fixtures with controls?

They do. Many of our factory lights are dimmable, and can be attached to external hardware controls that control the function of the light. 



How Do You Test Emergency Lighting in a Factory?

The best way to do this is to turn off the power at the panel. This should trigger the EMBs to turn the lights on and run off battery power. Some of our EMB units also come with a test button.

If a Fixture Fails in Our Factory, How Do We Get It Fixed? What Is the Warranty?

Most of our lights are covered with a 5 year warranty, and if it fails, you call us. The same sales person who you worked with will help you get your lights fixed.

Are These Fixtures Eligible for Rebates After Installation?

Many of our lights are eligible for rebates. Make sure you discuss this with your utility company. Some of them require the rebate process to start before the lights are purchased or installed.

We Offer Free Factory Lighting Plans

A Factory lighting plan creates a report that shows how bright and balanced the lighting will be across the floor space.

It identifies the locations of lights, and select the best OPTIC to use. We have done 100's of FREE factory and warehouse lighting plans for both UFO and Linear fixtures.

Factory Lighting Plan

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