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That is LED Factory Lighting - Manufacturing Lighting?

LED Factory Lights are High Power LED High Bay lights designed to replace Metal Halide and Fluorescent. Powerful LED options can easily replace 400 Watts, 1000 Watts and 1500 Watts Metal Halide. LED UFO fixtures are robust, high impact fixtures.

Using LED factory lighting allows you to achieve these things easily, all while saving money on electrical and maintenance costs.  If you want to read more about factory lighting and how to design the best factory lighting plan for your facility, you can do so with our Factory Lighting Guide. 

How many Factory Lights do you need?

The best way to determine how many factory lights you need is to do a Factory Lighting Plan. Factories are large indoor spaces with demanding environments and high ceilings. Having the right light can make all the difference between a successful LED Factory Lighting conversion and a bad one.

A factory lighting plan will model your factory space, use your existing lighting locations (or suggest new locations) and show you the foot candle readings on the floor. It will also show how evenly the light is distributed between lights.

Can LED replace Metal Halide Factory Lighting?

Yes. LED are powerful fixtures combined with optics can provide bright, high quality, low maintenance lighting to the floor of the factory.

Replacing Metal Halide with LED will reduce your energy consumption and reduce your facilities lighting maintenance. There will be no need to replace Metal Halide lamps and ballasts once you convert over.

Are there High Heat LED Solutions for Factories?

Yes. Most typical LED Lights are not a good choice for high heat environments. They have an upper range of 122 F. However, LED Lighting Supply offers a series of high temperature options, good for environments for 150 F, 170 F, 180 F and even 190 F. These lights are specifically designed to work in high heat environments, as long as they are not in the direct path of super heated gas and air.

What are the best LED Factory Lights?

Best is very subjective and misleading. What some claim is the best factory light is definitely not the best for all factories.

A lighting plan is the best way to determine what LED Light is Best for your factory. It allows us to model different lights in different, unique spaces and find which high bay provides the best results.

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