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Factory lights for sale - high heat and explosion proof solutions plus high powered and high voltage LED High Bays and flood lights. Convert your factory over to LED quickly and easily.

Lighting in a factory plays a huge role on safety, security, and output. Converting to LED factory lighting fixtures from high-pressure sodium or metal halide lights has proven to improve all three of those areas. All while reducing energy consumption up to 75%.

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Factory Lighting Plans with LED High Bays

Why are photometrics important? They allow you to see your area and how it would look under LED Lighting taking the risk out of buying. We can run different options with our lights. This provides you with proper information and guidance. We're here to save you money with LED. But it's as important to get the lighting right.

Factory Lighting Levels

Lux is the standard unit of measurement for light level intensity. 1 lux of light is equal to 1 lumen per square meter. It tells us how well a surface is illuminated. A lux measures light intensity as perceived by the human eye. The lux levels for direct sunlight range between 10.8 (twilight) to 120,000 (direct sunlight at noon).

There are different lux levels recommendations for various industrial applications. A lux meter ensures illumination levels are perfect for a task, a space, and the workers.

Below is a table highlighting the recommended lux levels for different industrial settings


Application Recommended Foot Candles 
Fine inspection 100-200
Detailed assembly 100-150
General assembly 50-100
Work area 15
Warehouse 10

Why choose LED Lighting Supply Factory and Manufacturing Lights?

1. Efficacy (Lumens Per Watt)

130 lm/w
150 lm/w
180 lm/w

Luminous efficacy is the true measure of a bulb’s efficiency. It indicates the lumens produced for every watt of electricity consumed. LEDs are more efficient than traditional bulbs with a higher luminous efficacy. High quality LEDs have awesome efficacy ratings. We have fixtures that are rated between 130 and 180 lumens/watt. We can help you choose the right efficiency.

* Trade off between initial cost and long term savings?

A higher efficiency LED product costs more than lower efficiency units. The savings over the life of the product is more than the initial investment needed to upgrade. So if you're looking to maximize savings when converting to LED, choose the higher efficiency product.

2. Replace 250, 400 and 1000W HID


LED Lighting Supply offers many styles (ufo or linear), wattages, optics and voltage options to meet ANY requirement you have. We can produce from 5000 to 100,000 lumens per fixture, enough for 15 ft ceilings or 40 ft tall ceilings. We have many optic packages. We make sure your building is bright and the light has proper distribution and uniform.

* How do I know what light will work the best?

You don't. We can start with a layout of your building and load it into our lighting software. Then we'll discuss with you your lighting requirements. The software will tell us what fixture, how many watts and lumens, and what optics will best suit your needs.

3. High Voltage up to 480V

 100V - 277V
277V - 480V

Are you trying to replace fixtures that are higher voltages, 277V to 480V? We have solutions that cover these higher voltage installations. Our constant current drivers are equipped to handle everything from 100 Volts up to to 480 Volts (standard driver in our kits are 100V-277V). We can handle single or 3-phase power as well. Talk to our sales engineers and we can get your lighting situation taken care of.

* 480V High Voltage Options

Our higher voltage solutions handle both single phase and 3 phase 480V installations. If you have voltage above 277V, tell our sales engineers so we can specify the proper driver.

4. High Temperature Options

80C or 176F
90C or 194F

Some factories have heat issues that would destroy a normal LED fixture. Most LED fixtures are rated to handle ambient temperatures up to 50C or 122F. We offer two lines of high temperature High Bays and Flood Lights.

Option 1 is rated to 80C or 176F

Option 2 is rated to 90C or 194F

* High Temperature Options

Even though are fixtures are rated to handle hot environments, never install a LED fixture in the path of super heated hot air and gas.

5. Light Quality: Color Rendering Index

70 CRI
80 CRI
90 CRI

Color rendering index defines the color of light. It tells us how well a light source will reveal the colors of items compared to sunlight (the ideal light source). When it comes to HID lamps, people usually complain about one thing: poor light color. Light color is important in factory applications. It has a huge impact on clarity and contrast.

Most of our LED Factory fixtures are offered between CRI 70 and 85. We can special order almost any CRI you might need. 


Anything over 70 is good. In applications such as assembly work where fine detail is necessary, then select 80 to 90 CRI.

6. Beam Angles: Proper Light Distribution


The beam angle is what determines the distribution of light. A wide beam angle produces softer light and distributes it better to different areas of a room.

A narrow beam angle produces concentrated light good for accent lighting. It makes the light more intense and focused.

Our LED factory lights are available in a range of beam angles: from 15° (narrow) to 120° (wide).

7. Lighting Controls

Motion Sensors
Daylight Harvesters
Smart Controls

Motion Sensors and other controls dramatically reduce lighting costs by turning off or dimming the lights when people leave the area.

PIR and microwave motion sensors can be added to turn the lights on when motion is detected and off / dimmed when there's none. To dim, the bay fixtures need a 0-10V dimmable driver. Unlike traditional lighting, dimming LED fixtures is relatively simple and does not affect the life of the bay fixture.

* Controls for Factory Lighting can save money!

If you have areas of the factory that has limited traffic, consider adding a motion sensor. You can either turn off the lights or dim them down significantly. And this will save you even more money monthly. Remember this - if you want to dim the lights, your fixture will need a dimmable LED Driver. Ask our sales professionals to help pick the right fixture!

8. Rugged fixtures that will last for years!

IK08 Impact Rating

Our factory bay and flood fixtures withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures without decreasing lifespan. This is possible through our large heat sinks, designed to keep the lights cool. UFO fixtures have heavy duty heat sinks that are perfect for impact zones. Our factory bay fixtures are vibration resistant. This allows them to maintain a long lifespan in harsh environments.

* Impact Rating for UFO Factory Fixtures

Our UFO Factory LED Fixtures are rated at IK08 on a scale of IK01 to IK10. This ensures reliability in environments where impacts may occur

Advantages of Good LED Lighting for Factories

Improved lighting in factories can lead to a 10% increase in productivity and reduce errors by 30%. Improving lighting has many other benefits including:


  • Employees can identify hazards in the workplace. They will also be able to know if their working environments are unsafe. Changes can be made to ensure that no harm comes to those at risk
  • With good lighting, employees can read warnings, work instructions, product details, and safety data.
  • There is a reduction in factory accidents because workers are more comfortable and efficient
  • Better accuracy in workmanship
  • Less spoilage of products
  • An increase in labor production
  • Better working and living conditions
  • A reduction in the adverse health effects of eye strain
  • Enhanced supervision by officers and managers
  • Increased workplace satisfaction and contentment of workers
  • Improved safety and security

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LED Lighting for Factories and Manufacturing - high heat and explosion proof solutions plus high powered and high voltage LED High Bays and flood lights. Convert your factory over to LED quickly and easily.
Last Updated: 10/25/2020
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