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What are LED 240 Watt High Bay Lights?

240 Watt High Bay LED lights high power indoor light fixtures designed to replace 400 Watt + Metal Halide interior lights. Our 240 Watt High Bays range between 31,000 and 41,000 lumens. Some models have higher efficiencies than others, up to 180 lumens per watt versus our lowest model at 130 lumens/watt. 

The proper way to select a high bay light is to:

1. determine the foot candle target

2. do a lighting plan targeting those foot candles. If you're trying to save the most on your utility bill, ask to use a high efficiency led light fixture.

Looking for the "best 240 Watt High Bay Lights"?

The best LED High Bay is the one that meets your needs. And everyone's needs are different. So what works perfect for one installation may not be the perfect choice for you. A lighting plan will help you pick the best 240 Watt High Bay lighting option, or possibly, another lighting option. You would be surprised when you do the plan how different things turn out. Lighting plans take the guess work out of deciding what light to use. And when you compare science to opinion, the science of the lighting plan will turn your LED conversion project into a success. And the best part, we do free lighting plans for our industrial and commercial customers.

How many 240 Watt LED High Bay Lights do you need?

The most accurate way to do this is to create a 240 Watt LED High Bay lighting plan. A lighting plan models and simulates indoor spaces and light placements. It then calculates the amount of foot candles that are created on the floor. From this, the plan can be adjusted or tweaked to meet your requirements. 

The end result is the lighting plan will show you expected light levels, and number of fixtures need to create the perfect light levels.

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