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Outdoor LED Lighting For Shopping Malls


LED Lighting Supply LED mall lighting fixtures create a safe, inviting environment for customers and employees while saving energy.

Lighting is not one of the things people think about when they visit a mall. But it has a great influence on the general look and feel. If you've ever visited a shop in a mall with low-quality or intense lighting, chances are it affected what you bought. Today, we will be looking at how to create a perfect atmosphere in a shopping mall using LED lighting.

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LED Mall Lighting Applications


Outdoor Parking

Outdoor parking areas are full of shoebox or pole top lights. They either contain Metal Halide or HPS bulbs. They consume a lot of energy. Transforming these to LED will brighten the parking space. And with an energy savings of 70% or greater. Coupled with photocells and motion sensors, optimized lighting maximizes brightness with a focus on energy savings.


Parking Garage

The main idea behind shopping malls is to make shopping an enjoyable experience. Most shopping malls have large parking garages for their customers. The car parking facilities play a crucial role in the general architectural concept. Proper lighting comprises of both natural and artificial light. It serves the very important role of guiding drivers to and from the parking facility.

It ensures pedestrians – especially those with carts or with children – are safe as they walk around the parking space. LED parking garage lighting is ideal as it enhances visibility and safety. It ensures vehicles and people feel safe in the space. 


Walkways and Amenities

Stairs, escalators, passageways, and corridors are the main traffic areas. These parts interconnect the individual levels to the shops. Amenities such as information boards, rest areas, fountains, art exhibitions, skylights, and other features give the shopping complex a unique atmosphere and make it appealing. All these features need light as it is an integral design element.

To ensure balanced light levels and keep the energy usage low, artificial light can supplement the natural light. LED mall lights can be for general lighting purposes. They're in resting zones, information booths, food courts, play areas, and general lighting. In a shopping mall, a flexible lighting architecture is key. Tenant and seasonal needs change and spaces repurpose often.


Warehouse and Storage Areas

Shopping complexes need storage: furniture, merchandise, equipment, and supplies. In these areas, clarity and orderliness are important. Employees must be able to find what they need to get the job done. These areas may be unoccupied some of the time. Occupancy sensors can turn the lights on and off when they detect motion.

Using energy-efficient LEDs to cut costs and natural light when it's available. LEDs paired with motion sensors provide on-demand lighting for safety, maneuvering, and easy identification.


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