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Lighting Requirements for Baseball Fields


Baseball fields have different requirements. A little league game does not need the same amount of light as a World Series game. It's important to stick to recommended foot candles. You may end up with very bad lighting if you decide to focus on cutting costs.

Baseball fields need higher levels of lighting than other sporting activities. When it comes to sports lighting, games with small and fast-moving objects must be intensely illuminated than larger playing objects close to the ground – such as soccer.

Baseball is a unique game as the field sizes vary and this wholly depends on the level of play. For instance, a little league baseball field has smaller dimensions. The dimensions keep on increasing in size as the level of play increases. The biggest determining factor of how much light will be required is the size of the field.

It also dictates how many light fixtures will be used and also where the lighting poles will be placed. The placement of the poles is also affected by bleachers and seats. Baseball fields that do not have bleachers or seats do not require a lot of lighting fixtures. Lighting experts take it into consideration before formulating lighting solutions for baseball fields.


The Different Levels of Play and Their Lighting Requirements: In Footcandles and Lux

Outfield (FCs) Outfield (Lux) Infield (FCs) Infield (Lux) Outfield FCs (Max/Min) Outfield Lux (Max/Min) Infield FCs (Max/Min) Infield Lux (Max/Min)
Collegiate (Televised) 70 753.5 100 1076.4 2.5 26.9 2 21.5
Collegiate 50 538.2 70 753.5 2.5 26.9 2 21.5
High School 30 322.9 50 538.2 2.5 26.9 2 21.5
Little League 30 322.9 50 538.2 2.5 26.9 2 21.5
Recreational 20 215.3 30 322.9 2.5 26.9 2 21.5

The above table reflects the average of the most commonly utilized guidelines for baseball field lighting. Infield lighting levels is higher than the outfield levels.


The infield is where most of the direct action between the pitcher and the batter takes place. This is why enhanced visibility is so important. These lighting guidelines apply even to recreational baseball fields. Visibility is important in all sporting activities.

You may also be wondering what the max/min lighting requirements stand for. A max/min ratio is the median between the maximum quantity of horizontal foot-candles (or lux) on a surface and the minimum quantity of horizontal foot-candles (or lux) on the same surface.

This ratio is very important in sports lighting. It helps lighting professionals determine if there are areas of glare, hot spots, or shadows on a surface or field. A good ratio, under 3, generally means that the lighting is even.

But, a max/min ratio above 3 may show there are spotty areas of light. When it comes to baseball lighting, a ratio of 2 is ideal in the infield (at any level of play). While a ratio of 2.5 is acceptable for the outfield.

Baseball / Softball Field Lighting Design


Why do you need a baseball field lighting plan? A lighting plan report allows you to view your baseball field with LED Lights without having to buy lights and hope you got it right. 

We provide free - no obligation - baseball / softball plans for our commercial / school customers.


Baseball Field Photometrics 

What are the best LED lights for Baseball and Softball Fields?

The Best LED Lighting for these application are high power flood lights / stadium lights. Typically, we use tight beam optics on our powerful flood lights to light up specific areas of the baseball softball field.

What's the best LED light for baseball fields? There is no one best light, there is only the best light for your field. No two fields are the same - poles are located in different locations, mounting heights are different, and lighting requirements are not the same. A lighting plan - developed for you - will indicate what your best lighting options are.

Are High Power LED Lights a good replacement for Metal Halide?

Absolutely. We have many high power LED Flood and Stadium Lights specifically designed for baseball and softball field use. They can easily replace 1000 Watt, 1500 Watt and even 2000 Watt Metal Halide with high quality, long lasting and energy saving lights. 

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