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Seaport Lighting

Seaport Lighting consists of high mast lighting and high power floods. These lights need to provide a lot of light from consolidate pole positions. Providing a safe working environment for sea ports with 24/7 operations can be obtained with high power seaport lighting
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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot of questions around seaport lighting, so we’ve curated a list from first time buyers and repeat customers. Check out our most frequently asked questions below or call us on (888) 423-3191 to find the right lighting for you.

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Led High Mast Port And Container Lighting

What Is Seaport Lighting?

Seaport lighting typically involves high mast, high powered flood lights or high pole lights. Many lights are installed on a single pole in a 360 degree radius providing good visibility over a large space.

What Types of Fixtures Can Be Used in a Container Port?

For the most part, they are either high power high mast lights or flood lights.


What Are the Best Lights to Use for a Seaport Light Tower?

We would recommend a high mast light with a large beam angle, like 120 or 150 degrees.

Can existing seaport light fixtures be retrofitted or is it best to use new fixtures?

We would recommend using new fixtures, to take advantage of the great optic packages associated with them. Retrofit lights have typically only 120 degree distribution, unless the light they are installed in has an optic lens.

What Are the Best Lights for Illuminating the Loading Dock at Our Container Port?

If the dock has a roof above, then canopy lights work extremely well. Otherwise, you can light up this space with pole or wall mounted flood lights or wall pack lights.

How Can We Reduce Dark Spots at Our Shipping Terminal?

Dark spots appear when lights are purchased without understanding how they will perform. We recommend you create a lighting plan done before buying. This way, the dark spots can be discovered on paper and resolved before any money is spent.

Do You Have Lighting Options for the Container Cranes?

We offer vibration resistant flood lighting, 3G or 5G, that can be mounted directly to the cranes.

Can You Run a Lighting Plan for a Port?

Yes, we can, and we have. To date, we have done over 40 lighting plans for ports around the world.

750w Dot High Mast


Are Your Lights Resistant to Salt Corrosion?

Yes, we offer a marine grade finish on many of the lights we would install at a seaport. This is different from a fixture that has been just salt water tested, the finish is far more durable.

Do I Need Marine Grade Fixtures for a Seaport?

We recommend it, it’s a small price to pay for good insurance on ensuring your lights will operate impeccably for years to come.

Will Your Fixtures Work with a Lighting Control System?

Yes, our fixtures are compatible with most lighting control systems, whether it’s a nema socket based system or one that is installed in the fixture.

Do You Have 480VAC Options for Use at a Seaport?

We offer solutions from 100V to 480V fixture support.

LED Marine Lightigng


What Is the Best Pole Height for Area Lighting at a Port?

There is no one best pole height, but there is one best pole height for your specific needs. We’d be happy to create a free lighting plan based on your needs and preferences to help you determine the best option.

How Do You Ensure That Lights Are Saltwater Proof?

The marine grade finish we offer ensures our lights are salt water proof.

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Founded in 2008, LED Lighting Supply has been providing indoor and outdoor lighting solutions to facilities and outdoor areas across the country for more than a decade.

Whether you need a free lighting plan or have questions about LEDs, our expert lighting team will help you make the right choice – whether that’s for a large warehouse or sea port location with high mast poles.

 Contact us for a free lighting plan or to discuss your LED lighting goals.

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