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What are LED Racetrack Lights?

LED Racetrack lights are high power flood lights that light up a racetrack for evening programs. The lights are available as either wide beam or narrow spot beams and can either provide general wide lighting or lighting at a specific light location.

What are the best LED Racetrack lights?

The Best LED Racetrack Lights will probably differ from track to track, based on pole location, lighting requirements and other external factors. The "Best LED Race Track Light" are those that provides the best lighting solution for each individual customers need and layout. There is no one best LED Track light that works best in all conditions and situations. A better way to make this decision of what is the best racetrack light for you is to create a racetrack lighting plan. A racetrack lighting plan places lights on your track and calculates light levels and how even the light is on the track. From that, we can recommend the best lighting solution for you.

How Many Racetrack Lights do you need?

As mentioned above, creating a Race Track lighting plan may be the best way to determine how many LED Racetrack lights you need. A racetrack lighting plan uses sophisticated lighting photometric software to model your racetrack area, placing lights at specific locations, and calculates light levels across the track.

Are LED Race Track Flood Lights a good replacement for Metal Halide?

Absolutely. We have High Power LED Flood Lights that produce enough lumens to replace 400 Watts, 1000 Watts, 1500 Watts and even 2000 Watts Metal Halide. LED Light is powerful, high quality light (CRI of 70+). You can specify the color temperature you want (4000K and 5000K are the most commonly used color temperatures). 

Benefits of Converting a Race Track over to LED

There are many benefits to LED Lights over Metal Halide Race Track Lights

High Voltage Solutions - 100-277V or 277V-480V

High Quality Light - CRI 70+ or more and High TLCI available

Turns on Instantly

Maintains High Lumens - low depreciation

Easily Replace Metal Halide Track Lighting

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