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Golf Course and Driving Range Lighting

Lighting up golf courses and driving ranges makes sense - it extends playing times for your customers which translates into more revenue for you. We offer created 100's of lighting plans for golf course and driving ranges using powerful led flood lights. We can help you turn a dark outdoor range or fairway into one that's bright and well lit.
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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot of questions from players around golf course lighting, so we asked our customers what questions they wished they had answered before they made a purchase. Scroll below to find answers to our most common questions or call (888) 423-3191 and we’ll do our best to assist you.


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What Type of Lights Should You Use on a Golf Course?

Flood lights and stadium lights seem to be the best choice for lighting a golf course. They provide powerful long distance beams of light. However, the best way to find the proper fixture for your application is to create a lighting plan.

Golf Green Lit Up at Night

How Much Light Do You Need for a Golf Course? How Much for a Driving Range?

The number of lights for a golf course varies because no two courses are similar. A driving range is a little easier. We have found that a series of lights behind the golfers and a second set of lights half way down the range works well to light up the driving range. The number of lights you need depends completely on how bright you want the range to be.

What Type of Lights Should You Use for Mini Golf or Putt Putt?

Pole top lights work well for mini golf courses. One light can provide a wide range of light that's also aesthetically pleasing.

What Is the Best Color Temperature for a Driving Range?

We recommend either 4000K or 5000K. 5000K is the best choice if you are currently using metal halide lighting.


We Are Replacing Existing Lighting on Our Driving Range. What LED Lights Should We Use?

We recommend using high power flood lights. We have models that can easily replace, 1 for 1, your existing lighting, and even provide more light than your existing lights.

What Is the Best Pole Height for Driving Ranges?

We have found that higher is better. It helps create a better light balance across the golf course or driving range.

How Many LED Lights Do You Need to Adequately Light a Driving Range?

This depends on how wide and long the range is. And secondarily, how bright and balanced you want the light to be. We can create a free lighting plan for your driving range that will provide you with a better and more specific answer.

Money is tight but we need new driving range lights. Do you have anything for a buyer on a budget?

We have 200 Watt and 400 Watt flood lights that are budget friendly.

How Can You Restrict Light from Bleeding onto the Property on the Side of the Driving Range?

This can be accomplished in two ways - shields and light design. Placing the lights in the right locations and aiming them properly can resolve many of the light bleed issues. Our lighting plans can help design the proper layout to resolve these problems before purchasing and installing them.

We Have a Par 3 Pitch and Putt Course That We Would Like to Use at Night. What Is the Best Lighting to Use?

A combination of flood lights, shoebox lights and pole top lights. Creating a lighting plan can easily solve the types of lights required for your course, and where the lights should be positioned.

Led Flood Light 200 Watt With Pole Mount

Led Flood Light 200 Watt With Pole Mount

Led Flood Light 400 Watt With Pole Mount

LED Flood Light 400 Watt With Pole Mount

What Is the Best Option for Parking Lot Lights at Our Facility?

We have a wide range of parking lot lights available that can easily light up any parking lot you have.

How Can I Avoid Dark Spots in the Sand Traps on the Course?

Planning for lighting to light up high banked sand traps can avoid these problems and many others. Letting us know what sand traps are an issue before creating the light plan will allow us to place lighting appropriately so these areas are properly lit up.

150 Watt Led Shoebox Slip Fitter Mount

150 Watt LED Shoebox

300 Watt Led Shoebox

300 Watt Led Shoebox


Can the Lights Withstand the Impact of a Golf Ball?

Yes. For the most part, lights are always pointing in the same direction as ball flight. That means the lens area is protected from flying balls. Our high power flood lights are high impact rated IK08, which is a very high impact rating.

How Many Lights Can I Mount on a Single Pole?

That really depends on the pole itself and the EPA ratings for your area. We can provide the EPA ratings of our fixtures.

Is One Mounting Option Better Than Another When It Comes to Hurricane Season?

All our mounts are very strong, but we would think that trunnion mounts are probably the most hurricane resistant as they can be bolted down to the supporting structure.

How Far Out on the Range Can I Get Light?

We have provided lighting plans for 300 yard driving ranges. In retrospect, that is the length of 3 NFL fields. We have found that lights behind the golfers and another set of lights on poles at about 150 - 200 yards works best.

golf course driving range


Should I Direct the Fixtures to Light Up Only the Distances or the Entire Driving Range?

That is really your call. It will probably be a better experience for your customers to be able to watch ball flight.

We Do Not Have Poles on the Driving Range. Can I Install the Fixtures on the Ground?

You can, but there are really two aspects of lighting up the range, the ground and the air to watch ball flight (we call this horizontal and vertical lighting). Placing lights on the ground would provide good lighting for watching ball flight but would not do a good job lighting up the ground.

Get a Golf Course / Driving Range Lighting Plan

A lighting plan is a great way to visualize a proposed lighting solution. As well as the lumen output over a given area before purchasing LEDs.

We use photometric software to input the design and adjust a golf property or driving range. We add and change fixtures, power and beam angles to get the best and most balanced lighting.

Driving Range Lighting Plan
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