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LED Football Field Lighting Plans

 They allow you to see your area and how it would look under LED Lighting taking the risk out of buying. We run different options with our lights, and provide you with the proper guidance. We're here to save you money with LED. But it's as important to get the lighting right.

 With an increase in light quality, visibility becomes better. This will improve the football field lighting design alone. This improved field lighting design creates better safety for both the players and visitors. If the players can see better, they can avoid potentially hazardous situations. For visitors, they can feel safe knowing who is around them when headed back to their cars.


Light Levels for Football Fields

Location Ideal Light Levels
Recreational Football 20 foot candles
Small High School 30 foot candles
Larger High School 50 foot candles
College 80-150 foot candles


Football Field Lighting Plan

Football Field Lighting Plan (50 fc - yellow, 40 fc red, 30 fc purple, 20 fc green)

Convert High School and College Football Fields over to LED

It's no secret LED Lighting is powerful enough to replace Metal Halide Stadium lights. Powerful LED flood and Stadium lights are designed specifically to do just that. By starting with a lighting plan, we can easily model your high school or college football field inside our lighting design software, and work on placing and aiming the fixtures to get the brightness you are looking for as well as making sure the distribution is balanced and even. Contact a lighting expert at LED Lighting Supply and get the process started, or click on the "REQEST FREE FOOTBALL FIELD LIGHTING PLAN" above to get your free, no obligation football field lighting design done.


High School Football Lighting Plan

LED Football Field Lighting

Whether its a pro field or a small town high school, visitors and fans enjoy a great experience. On top of the great experience that LED football field lights offer through their quality light output, they also offer great energy savings. Since LED technology is so powerful and popular, it is being applied to the sports fields industry, including football stadiums. It's increasingly popular for the main reasons below.

Indoor / Enclosed Football Stadium Lighting

An indoor dome can require a lot of lighting, especially if the goal is to replicate an amount of light similar to the sun. Our football field lights consist of LED, outputting a great amount of lumens per fixture. To maintain preferred efficiency, we've gotten our football field lights for sale to a high lumen per watt output - at one of the best football stadium lights cost around. In turn, this allows you to have more light with less energy consumption. This is especially important in big football arenas where a lot of light is required.

From on the field, to the hallways and concessions; good and consistent lighting is achieved with LED and does exceptionally well in an indoor environment.


Outdoor Football Field Lighting

For open fields, LED Flood field lights are still a must for nighttime plays. Our LED football stadium lights work both indoors and out as they are water and dirt resistant, perfect against the elements.

Another benefit of LED which is especially true for an outdoor football arena is that they reduce light pollution due to their directional design. This allows you to get as much light to where you need it most out of your football stadium floodlights, and avoid putting out light into other directions.

Outdoor lights aren't just for the field either, most (if not all) football fields get a lot of visitors and that means: a lot of cars. Big parking lots are a common occurrence near any field, and they can require a lot of lighting too. With LED, they offer an efficient and quality light output that will keep people safe and energy costs down.

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