Lighting Design

The Risk of Not Doing Lighting Design

The difference between success and failure is sometimes the difference between doing a lighting plan or not. If you have a large open warehouse space and want 30 foot candles, how are you supposed to know the distance between fixtures as well as the ideal optic to use? This is not something to guess at. This can turn your LED conversion project into a nightmare.

    A lighting design plan will show how bright your indoor space or outdoors parking lot or storage yard can be and how evenly the light will be distributed. It will also show you the locations of the lights. We can create a custom lighting plan for your indoor or outdoor area for Free. 

    This takes the risk out of your LED purchase.

    What is Lighting Design?

    Lighting Design is a process where we take an indoor or outdoor commercial space and generate a lighting plan that reports light levels and how evenly distributed the light is within these spaces.

    We accomplish this by using professional grade light design software that allows us to either define your space or import your plans and then add lights, walls and other objects inside the software to realistically develop a model that represents your space.

    We then configure different LED Lights and Fixtures into this model, figuring out placement, angles, distance between fixtures to determine the best option that is a combination of three things


    Appropriate Light Levels for your space or area
    How evenly the light is distributed under the lights, between the lights and in the corner
    Determine the best lighting option to meet your budgetary needs