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Industrial Lighting Design

How bright will your industrial space be after you convert to LED Lighting? That’s a great question. Industrial spaces are huge. No one wants to guess and choose the wrong LED fixture, install it – only to discover what a huge mistake that’s just been made.

More often that not, lighting projects fail because the lighting ends up being too bright, not bright enough or the lighting is horribly uneven, Converting to LED makes a lot of sense – you can save a lot of money and reduce your lighting bill. But you also need to end up with a great result.

How can you make the right light choice? How many watts do you really need? Should you care more about lumens or watts?  What are optics and how can they impact the final result?

It’s hard to look at a spec sheet of a light and decide exactly what configuration of what light will be your best lighting choice. What’s the best way to upgrade your industrial location to LED without all this risk?

An industrial lighting design plan / calculation can help you to solve these issues.


warehouse lighting

What is an Industrial Lighting Design Plan?

Industrial Lighting Design Plans gives you a virtual, printable report of what lighting could be after you do the conversion to LED, without spending $1. A lighting plan is developed inside specialized lighting software, it models and simulates the dimension of any indoor or outdoor location.

length, width and height of the space (indoors) or your outdoor space imported into the software (google maps)
existing light locations and height of existing fixtures
the existing fixtures and what you’re trying to replace

Using this information, we model your industrial indoor or outdoor space utilizing different LED light fixtures, configurations and optics. When performing the calculation, we observe the light levels at the floor or desired work plane, and how well and even the light is being distributed. 

Factory Lighting Plan

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