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Mining Lights - Use the Right Lighting In Your Mining Operation

LED Lighting Supply has explosion proof LED fixtures and industrial lighting solutions. We provide different types of lighting solutions that meet industry guidelines and standards. Our explosion proof lights design work for hazardous working environments. The light fixtures follow industry-specific OSHA and UL requirements. They have all the latest hazardous location approval requirements and certifications.

Why choose LED Lighting Supply Mining Lights?

1. LED Mining Lights with Explosion Proof ratings - up to C1D1

Class I Division 1, Group C,D
Class I, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D
Class II Division 1&2 Group E,F,G
Class III
UL 1598
UL 844

2. Many form factors -  explosion rated mining fixtures

High Bays
Flood Lights
Linear Fixtures
Wall Mounted
Jelly Jars
Street Lights
Shoebox Lights

3. High heat and humid environments

Underground mines can be hot steamy environments. Having a fixture that works in this environment is paramount for creating a safe work area. Our high heat fixtures are designed to work in hot, humid environments. Many have been installed in power generation stations above the steam turbines. If you're looking for high heat rated fixtures, we have you covered as well.

4. Rugged fixtures that will last for years!

Our mining fixtures withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures without decreasing lifespan. This is possible through our large heat sinks, designed to keep the lights cool. Our LED fixtures are vibration resistant. This allows them to maintain a long lifespan in harsh environments.

* Impact Rating for LED Fixtures

Our Explosion Proof fixtures are rated IK10 - the strongest rating. Our high power flood lights are rated IK08 - which is extremely durable for rugged environments.

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