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Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our customers questions they had about buying commercial LED wall sconces. If you couldn’t find the answer to your question below, contact us at (888) 423-3191 and we’ll be happy to assist you.


What Are LED Outdoor Wall Sconces?

Outdoor wall sconces are architectural outdoor wall or column-mounted lights. They provide ambient up or up/down lighting.

What Is the Difference Between an Indoor Wall Sconce and an Outdoor Wall Sconce?

Outdoor wall sconces are wet weather, IP65 or above, rated. Indoor wall sconces are lighting fixtures that light up hallways and large rooms

When Does It Make Sense to Use an Outdoor Sconce instead of a Wall Pack?

Wall packs are high-powered outdoor fixtures. They are generally part of a building’s security, pathway, and parking lot lighting functions. A Commercial LED Wall Sconce light is a lower-powered ambient light fixture. It’s meant to highlight the features of a building, such as columns and entrance areas.

What Are Indoor Wall Sconces?

Indoor wall sconces are architectural indoor lights. They’re mounted on walls, to provide general ambient light levels in hallways. You often see these inside hotels.

What Is Better for Sconces: LED or Halogen?

LEDs are better. The main reason is that the lights last a lot longer, run cooler, and run on a fraction of the energy a halogen bulb does.

What are Good Alternatives to Outdoor LED Wall Sconces?

Wall sconces are low-power fixtures. LED Wall Packs are higher-powered fixtures and a great alternative choice.


How Should You Pick Outdoor Wall Sconces?

First, the appearance of the fixture has to match your needs. Next, decide if you need a downlight or uplight as well. Lastly, find out how much illumination a wall sconce will provide. This will make sure it meets your requirements.

Can You Use an Outdoor Wall Sconce Indoors?

Yes, you can, but the reverse is not true. Never use an indoor wall sconce outdoors, unless it is wet-weather rated.

Do You Have Sconces That Put Out Uplight and Downlight?

Yes, we do. That is a typical option for many of our lights.

What Is the Best Color Temperature for Wall Sconces?

For wall sconces, we advise you to choose either 4000K or 5000K.

What Options Are Available When Purchasing Outdoor Wall Sconces?

Dimming, color temperature, and fixture color are the typical options we offer.

Are Outdoor Commercial LED Wall Sconces Weather Resistant?

Our outdoor sconces are IP65 + rated to withstand weather like rain and snow.

What Color Wall Sconces Do You Have Available?

White, black, and bronze.

60 Watt Full Cutoff Wall Pack

Facade Lighting


How High Should You Mount Outdoor Commercial LED Wall Sconces?

That depends on the type of light. If the light only provides down light, then higher on the wall is appropriate. If it provides both up and down light, then slightly above the mid-height of the wall would be ideal.

How Do I Install Outdoor Sconce Lighting?

A qualified electrician will have no problem installing our wall sconces. Follow the instructions included with each light.