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NSF Rated Lighting

Need a Free NSF Rated Lighting Plan?
Need a Free NSF Rated Lighting Plan?

NSF Rated Lighting


NSF Rated Lighting is a special certification that indicates these lights meet the stringent food and beverage safe standards for lighting up areas where food is prepped, processed and prepared.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We asked first time buyers and repeat customers what their most common questions are about buying NSF Rated Lighting. We’ve curated the list below to help you. If you’re unable to find an answer to a question you have, please call us on (888) 423-3191 and we’ll support you as best we can.

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What Is NSF Rated Lighting?

NSF lights are fixtures that have been tested and certified by the non-profit NSF Organization dedicated to food safety. NSF is a standard on its own, it is different and separate from the fixtures UL/ETL listing and DLC listing.

What Is an NSF Rating?

NSF rating is a certification that a light passes the NSF Organization’s test designed to examine a fixture for its safety in a food environment.

NSF rated lighting


What Environments Require NSF Lighting?

There are many applications where NSF rated fixtures are required. These include food storage, preparation and processing applications, clean rooms, commercial kitchens, pharmaceutical lighting and laboratory lighting. You will even find NSF certified lighting inside hospitals in surgical suites. Ultimately, you should consult with your local building department to determine if an NSF lighting fixture is required in these applications.

What NSF Certification Zones Do Your Fixtures Cover?

Since lighting never comes in contact with the food, the only two zones that our lights are tested in are: Splash Zones and Non-Food Zones. The third zone, Food Zone, does not apply to lighting.

Do You Have the Certificate Showing the NSF Rating?

Yes, we do. Contact us today and we can provide all the documentation you need.

Can I Use a UFO or Vapor Tight Fixture?

No. Unless, of course, they are NSF certified. You should not confuse IP waterproof ratings with NSF certifications. While it is true that NSF fixtures are IP rated for wet environments, it is not true that any IP rated fixture is also NSF rated.

Commercial Kitchen


Are Your NSF Lights IP69K?

Yes, they are.

Do NSF Fixtures Use a Glass or Plastic Lens?

Our round NSF LED fixtures have tempered glass lenses. Our tubular style linear NSF fixtures have frosted polycarbonate lens covers.

Can NSF Fixtures Be Pendant Mounted?

Yes, some of our fixtures have a pendant mount option. Other options include eye hook and suspended wire mount.

Food Safe Certifications


Can NSF Fixtures Be Washed Down?

Yes they can. All our fixtures are IP69K rated, which means they can withstand high pressure hot water wash downs.

Are There Any Installation Instructions Specific to NSF Fixtures?

The actual fixtures themselves are easy to install. A qualified electrician familiar with NSF rated fixtures will also know the rules for connection lights to junction boxes.

Do You Want a Free NSF Rated Lighting Plan?

The best and most accurate way to calculate this is to create a NSF fixture lighting plan.

A NSF Fixture lighting plan will provide you with a report detailing your indoor space. It details light location, light levels (foot candles) and how evenly distributed the light is over the entire area.

Nsf Lighting Plan
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