Professional electricians aren’t the type of people who find their job getting stagnant. There are always new challenges, industry trends, and changing regulations to keep track of. So how can they stay up to date? One useful way is to take advantage of some of the best blogs out there.

However, it can sometimes seem like there are too many blogs to keep track of in the industry. How can someone know which ones are trustworthy?

This is where LED Lighting Supply steps in to help. We have put together a list of our top 7 blogs for electrical contractors that we consider reputable, including some meant for new professionals breaking into the industry, or established electricians looking to work on their skills.

Other Resources You May Be Interested in or Reading About:

Electrician Tools

Taking Your Industry Knowledge to the Next Level

These blogs are a great place to keep building your electrical know-how.

Have a specific question that you can’t find an answer to? Check out our ranking of the top electrical forums for electricians. These are great places to discuss specific topics and share advice with professionals from around the world.

More Electrician Blog Topics

Looking for some more topics to write on your own blog? Check out some ideas we’ve come up with for interesting reads!

  1. How using the right LED light fixture can save you money in your commercial space.
  2. What 5 questions you should ask before hiring an electrician?
  3. Provide a step-by-step guide to replacing Metal halide and fluorescent lights in your business.
  4. What’s the big deal with LED lighting anyways?
  5. 5 ways to stay safe when working with electricity.
  6. What is a power surge? And what damage can it cause?
  7. What are the differences between LED, Metal Halide, and fluorescent lights?
  8. What are the 5 most common electrical issues in a commercial office?
  9. What causes a breaker to flip?
  10. What are the 5 necessary steps to find a good, reliable electrician?

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