Electrical contractors are familiar with running into problems that they don’t know how to solve. The thing that sets people in this industry apart though is how good they are at finding a solution.

Usually, electrical professionals can depend on their team and connections within the industry to get a helping hand. But what if there was another way? We have put together our list of the top 12 electrician forum sites that electricians trust to find community and help each other out to solve unique problems.

Because chances are, someone else on the forum has figured it out before.

Keep in mind that this list isn’t in any particular order. These are all relevant, popular forums that specialize in different parts of the industry. After you find your perfect forum, check out our list of the best apps for electricians so you can walk onto the job site with all the tools you need to get the job done.

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1. electrician Talk

Electrician Talk had to be included simply because of how popular it is. If you have ever looked up an electrical forum before, you most likely came across this one. It’s active, full of valuable insights, and ideal for electricians of all levels. The forum emphasizes residential and commercial electric work, although there are still places to ask questions about other specializations.

2. Mike Holt’s Forum

Mike Holt’s electrical forum is another popular one with many active threads & discussions for electrical contractors. Mike Holt has made a name for himself in the industry with his educational products and seminars, and his forum covers topics including lighting, business management, and safety.

3. Ecn Electrical Forum

The ECN Electrical Forum covers topics for electricians, inspectors, and other related professionals in the industry. These topics include code discussion, safety, and business management along with some offbeat topics like alternative energy and discussion about antique electrical equipment. Overall, the forum has fewer active participants than others, but the ones who do post are very involved.

4. Contractor Talk: Electrical

Another electricians forum specifically for electrical contractors, Contractor Talk, focuses on the kind of problems that only contractors face. It is a companion site of the popular Electrician Talk forum, and even the toughest questions can be answered by either of these popular online communities.

5. Diy Electrical Forum

The do-it-yourself electrical forum isn’t made for professionals, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t valuable insights to be found. It still covers topics such as lighting wiring, security systems, solar, general wiring, and more. We consider this forum to be a great place to find outside-the-box solutions and hacks for DIY projects.

6. Talk Electrician Forum

This UK-based forum covers a wide variety of electrical topics, including a listing of electrician jobs and apprenticeships available in the region. There are a lot of resources available for new forum members so that they can get their questions answered easily.

7. electrician’s Forums

Another UK-based forum that has a more perpetual listing style with no definite sub-forum. We love this format as it’s easy to follow and find topics of interest. The variety of topics is narrowed down to everything electrical, specifically for electricians.

8. All About Circuits Forum

As the name suggests, this electrical forum focuses on circuits and electronics. All About Circuits also includes a massive content library of useful blog posts, along with their highly active forum.

9. R/electricians

Reddit is a great place to go for almost every topic out there, so it’s no surprise that we recommend the Electricians subreddit. Here you can ask questions, show off photos of your work, and hang out with over 130,000 other users.

10. Iet forum

The Institution of Engineering and Technology has put together a forum that includes a great variety of wiring topics and everything related to engineering. It’s not specifically an electrician forum but focuses on the area where electrical work crosses over with engineering.

11. House Repair Talk: Electrical and Wiring

The name explains exactly what this forum is all about: residential electrical and wiring topics. It covers the full range of electrical work at home and has many active users.

12. Eng-tips Engineering Forums

From programmable logic controllers to circuit design and many more; this forum is more engineering-based but can still be seriously valuable for the advanced electrical contractor. We like it for the simple fact that they go in-depth into their topics and the community knows what they are talking about when issues arise.

Looking for more useful content and communities for electricians? Check out our ranking of the top electrician blogs and websites to find great publications, hobby blogs, and informative sites that can help answer your questions and grow your electrical skills.

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