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LED Squash and Racquetball Lighting

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LED Squash Court Lighting Fixtures

Quality lighting is one of the most important attributes of a squash court. The World Squash Federation has outlined very specific guidelines for squash courts. Specifically, courts are to be illuminated to at least 30 foot candles at 1 meter above the floor.

Even though this is the mandated minimum, many courts are using brighter lighting to provide a better match experience. The best way to determine the correct lighting level is to do a squash court lighting design study.

Squash Court Lighting

Factors to consider when buying LED squash court lighting


1. Brightness

The brighter the light, the more likely there will be glare. Fortunately a frosted lens can be used to better disperse the light, dulling the potential effects of glare.


2. Color Temperature and CRI

Generally we recommend 4000k to 5000k as the best range for squash or racquetball play. This range will give a clean, crisp light that will be far superior to the warm light of old existing fixtures. It is easy on the eyes and allows spectators to take great photos.


3. Durability and IK Rating

With squash and racquetballs flying everywhere, it is important to make sure that you use fixtures that do not run the risk of shattering. The last thing you need is glass shattering from a high ceiling in the middle of a match. This is where IK Rating comes into play. It measures the level of protection a light fixture has against mechanical wear and tear and the impact it can take. It is the measure of a light fixture’s durability and robustness.

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Last Updated: 11/29/2020
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