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How to Choose Aircraft Hangar and Aircraft Maintenance Lighting

Hangars are closed building structures to hold planes or spacecrafts. They are inspected, repaired, and protected from the elements. Hangars are often called glorified garages for airplanes. They can vary from simple structures to environmentally-controlled maintenance facilities.

The best lighting for both small and large aircraft hangars are high bay light fixtures. This is because the structures have very high ceilings (35 ft - 75 ft). These fixtures provide enough light and extensive light coverage in large spaces.

Until recently, most aircraft hangars used inefficient lighting systems, like HPS or MH. That made it difficult for aircraft technicians to discern colors and contrast. Hangars need lights with a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) and color temperature for enhanced productivity. Upgrading aircraft hangar lighting to LEDs results in low operating costs and better work conditions.


Examine the Aircraft and Maintenance Hangar

Aircraft hangars are not the same. Make sure to examine the hangar you are buying lights for or you may end up buying lights that are too bright or too dull.

When buying LED light fixtures, the goal is to buy bright and clear lights that provide good coverage. Aircraft technicians and workers in the hangar must be able to work with ease during the day and at night. According to research, good lighting has a positive impact on workers’ productivity and energy levels.

Lights that are too bright can have a negative impact on productivity. People won't be able to see what they are doing.

The size of an aircraft hangar determines the number of light fixtures needed and their wattage.

Airport Lighting

Hangar Lighting Standards

According to the FAA, these are the light levels for aircraft hangar operations


Task Recommended Light Levels
Pre / Post Maintenance and Inspection  30-75 fc
Maintenance 75-100 fc
Ordinary 50 fc
Difficult 100 fc
Very Difficult 200 fc

How many lights do you need for an Aircraft Hangar?

There is no clear cut answer. One way to determine the number of lights you will need is to create an aircraft hangar lighting plan. These are developed in specialized lighting software that models the interior space of an aircraft hangar. The software creates a lighting plan report, showing light locations, light levels (measured in foot candles) and light distribution (a measurement of how even the light is across the interior space).


Why are Aircraft Hangar lighting plans important?

Aircraft maintenance staff need good, bright light to perform their jobs. Making sure the light is bright, and even, can make the difference between doing the job right or not. Buying off the shelf lighting is no guarantee of lighting success. To often we here of lighting conversion failures because the customer thought they were buying a 'similar' light (based on watts and color temperature) and then asked us to 'fix it'. Unfortunately, fixing is hard to do. Avoiding these pitfalls can be done easily by creating a lighting plan.

Fortunately, we provide Free - No Obligation - Aircraft Hangar Lighting Plans. We want your conversion to LED be a success!



Airforce Base Hangar Before LED Conversion

Old hangar before LED lighting

Airforce Base Hangar After LED Conversion

LED Hangar Conversion

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