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Auditorium Lighting

We can easily convert over Metal Halide and Fluorescent lighting in your auditorium to LED. To get the best from your Auditorium Lighting, we have high power LED Retrofits that can be installed inside recessed cans replacing metal halide bulbs, as well as new fixtures and retrofits for fluorescent lighting.
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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot of options to choose from when it comes to auditorium lighting. Browse the list below or call (888) 423-3191 to speak with a lighting experts. We’ll do our best to support you in this process.

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What Types of Lights Are Used in an Auditorium?

A variety of lights. We have seen high bays, low bays and in-ceiling metal halide can lights. In each of these cases, we have LED solutions to replace your auditorium lights.

What Are the Auditorium Aisle Lighting Code Requirements That Need to Be Followed?

You should consult with your local building inspector about any requirements of this kind.

Can You Use Flood Lights in an Auditorium?

You can, if that makes sense. It really depends on where your lights are currently located and if you are currently using flood lights. If your lights are ceiling mounted, it's far easier to achieve good balanced lighting from above.

Are Can Lights the Best Option for an Auditorium?

They are a good option, but whether they’re best for you is completely up to how well they light the space below. We have retrofitted many metal halide can lights with high power metal halide retrofit kits and standard powered can retrofits. So, if this is what your current auditorium has, then we can still use these fixtures.

LED-auditorium-lighting (1)


What Wattage Lights Should Be Used in an Auditorium?

We recommend that you first determine your required light levels in terms of foot candles and light styles, and then create a lighting plan that achieves this. The lighting plan will determine the appropriate lighting and appropriate wattage / lumen package / optic package to meet your needs.

What Is the Best Light Level for My Theater?

There are many different levels you may want to achieve. There's the all bright mode when people are coming in or leaving, or when your maintenance staff is in the area. And then there's the light levels needed when the auditorium show or presentation is happening.

What Is the Best Color Temperature to Use in an Auditorium?

In this case, we could see uses for 3000K, 4000K and even 5000K. It really depends on the intent of the auditorium and how it's being used.

Color Temperature Bulbs

What Are the Most Energy Efficient Light Fixtures for an Auditorium?

With LED, you can easily expect 50%+ savings over metal halide, fluorescent and halogen lighting.

I Have Existing Quartz Lights. Do You Sell a Dimmable Retrofit Kit?

We do, but let’s make sure the kits will fit into your existing fixtures first. Our kits are 0-10V dimmable, which means you need to first confirm they are compatible.


Are There Dimmable Options Available?

Yes there are, many of our lights are dimmable.

Do You Offer a Lighting Control System for Auditoriums?

We do not, but can recommend some good vendors we work with.

Will Your LED Lights Add Extra Heat to the Auditorium?

No, in fact there should be a significant reduction in heat over metal halide, halogen, quartz and even fluorescent lighting.

Are Your Lights Compatible with a Lighting Control System?

They can be, but make sure you tell us what your lighting control system requires and we can walk you through the available options.

Do You Have Shields to Block the Light from the Side View?

We do offer acrylic domes on our high bay UFO products.

High Bay with Acrylic Dome


How Do You Change Out Old Auditorium Lights?

Any qualified electrician familiar with your facility will have no problem using our lights.

Can We Switch the Lights from Flood to Spot When Needed?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this option with our lights.

Need an Auditorium Lighting Plan?
Lighting Plans are a good first step to in your LED Conversion Project. Whether you are trying to light up the auditorium, offices, meeting rooms or the parking lot, we can provide lighting plans with our light fixtures to show you how the project could look if you convert over to LED
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