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As an electrical contractor, you know that the industry is in constant flux. Code changes, regulations, technological advancements, market trends, and new product releases are always changing. It’s imperative that you continue to be knowledgeable about these things to stay one step ahead of the competition.

As a business owner, you also need to stay regularly informed about things such as sales & marketing strategies, human resources, accounting & finance, and industry news. These are key components to managing a successful company.

Thankfully, there are many resources available to help. Here are the best print and online tools that will help you stay up to date.

Electrical Contractor Magazine

Electrical Contractor Magazine (ECM)

ECM is a monthly print and online magazine published by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). It covers the electrical construction industry. Its sections include:

Codes & Standards
Integrated systems
Business and market research
Industry news
Green building

Its audience includes:

Electrical contractor business owners
Purchasing agents
Project managers and supervisors
Apprentice and journeymen electricians


Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M)

EC&M is a monthly print and online magazine. It provides electrical professionals with knowledge and insights on important industry topics. These include products, solutions, and technologies used in commercial and industrial applications. You can also subscribe to periodic newsletters that provide news, trends, and best practices for the industry. Subscriber features include:

Technical information
Market and construction forecasts
Thorough product reviews
How-to instructions
Code changes
Business trends
Editorial content


Construction Business Owner (CBO)

CBO is a business-focused magazine intended for contractors. Its goal is to help owners of construction firms operate successful businesses. It consists of a monthly trade magazine, weekly newsletters, and digital media products. CBO offers business management tips to help run a profitable business.

CBO provides business management advice and resources to contractors in the following areas:

Marketing and sales
Accounting and finance
Human resources
Environmental and compliance issues
Legal issues

For Construction Pros


ForConstructionPros.com analyzes today’s news, reviews new construction equipment and methods, and offers business management advice. It is a comprehensive buyers guide of construction equipment and products in their Equipment Network. Equipment Network is the industry’s most extensive directory of new equipment for contractors which includes:

Construction technology

Its Video Network has construction industry videos which include product introductions, expert interviews, newsworthy events, and trade show coverage. The Video Network also includes the Construction News Tracker. It features breaking news, products, information, and industry analysis meant for construction professionals.


Construction Dive

Construction Dive provides detailed reporting and understanding of the most impactful news and trends that shape the construction industry. Their daily email newsletter, website, and app cover topics such as:

Commercial building
Residential building
Green building


Construction Executive

Construction Executive is a print and online resource for the construction industry. It covers industry news, business matters, and market developments. It also produces a weekly newsletter that can be customized to deliver only the news that you want. It covers issues such as:

Project management
Technological advancements
Workforce development
Safety and liability
Legislative action



CONTRACTOR is a news magazine that covers mechanical contracting. It focuses its industry reporting solely on:

Mechanical piping systems
Hydronic/radiant heating
Fire protection

It provides the following features:

Industry news
Business management advice
Market trends
New products


Residential Contractor Magazine

Residential Contractor Magazine is a monthly national homebuilding trade magazine. It is available in print and digital versions. Its focus is on residential production, custom, home remodeling, and renovation projects. Its target audience is homebuilders, remodelers, and subcontractors. Its contents include:

Featured articles
Industry news
Product features
Marketing strategies
Legal strategies
Weekly newsletters


Modern Contractor Solutions

Modern Contractor Solutions is a monthly print and online resource. It reports on the latest solutions, best practices, and trends in the construction industry. Its target audience is commercial, general, and concrete contractors. Its features include:

Jobsite safety
Equipment maintenance
Environmental issues
Inventory best practices
New equipment and tools
Technological advancements

Building And Design Construction

Building Design+Construction (BD+C)

Building Design+Construction is a bi-monthly magazine. It covers innovation and technology relating to the design and construction process of the commercial buildings industry. It focuses on commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential buildings. It also focuses on the professionals that design and build them which include:

Its features include:
Products/materials, building science
Construction methods
Real estate trends


Constructor Magazine

Constructor Magazine is published by the Associated General Contractors Association (AGC). It offers in-depth coverage and analysis of the construction industry and related topics such as:

Economic news
Business tips
Emerging technologies

Its specialties include:

Human Resources
Construction Safety and Training
Construction Best Practices
Project Management
Construction Products and Services


General Contractors Magazine

General Contractors Magazine is a nationwide online magazine. It helps people to find contractors, architects, designers, and builders for their projects. Their focus is on evaluating and identifying the top general contractors in America. Their evaluation standards include:

Work history
Principals background
Customer satisfaction
Recognition and awards
Online presence
Work quality


tED Magazine

tED Magazine is a monthly textbook for the electrical distribution channel. It is targeted toward distribution sales. It is a digital publication published twice a month. It provides:

Industry news for electrical distributors and suppliers
Green initiatives and alternative markets
Market trend data and economic outlooks
New product information
Manufacturer marketing program rollouts
Best practices of electrical distributors
Lighting features

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