We know that many of the LED Lighting Supply blog’s avid readers are facility managers (along with contractors, government employees, and other decision-makers). Along with all of the lighting-focused content we create, we want to share some useful information with the facility managers and building owners out there. This list of 15 facilities management blogs includes some well-known publications, along with a few lesser-known sites that you might find useful.

1. Facility Executive


This is one of the most popular industry publications out there for facility managers and building owners. They cover topics like security, maintenance, technology, retrofitting, and much more on their website and in their print magazine.

2. Buildings.com


Buildings.com is another industry-leading publication in the facility manager and building owner world. Along with high-quality content about the industry they also produce podcasts, white papers, and online courses.

The site has invested in educating its readers and making them better facility managers, so take advantage of its virtual treasure chest of information.

3. Facilitiesnet.com


Facilitiesnet might have a wider range of content than any other website on this list. They publish the Building Operating Management and Facility Maintenance Decisions publications and run the popular National Facilities Management & Technology Conference (which will be returning in late 2021).

4. Maintenance World


As the name suggests, this blog leans on the side of maintenance-based topics. However, it is still a valuable resource for any facility manager.

Their content is high-quality thanks to their strong editorial policies, so you can always count on accurate information. One area that makes Maintenance World stand above the rest is its extensive video library for hands-on tutorials on a range of topics.

5. Akita Box


The Akita box blog posts frequent articles on technology trends and insider insights into the industry, along with resources like checklists and reports. The site does a great job of preparing material for different areas within facility management, like education, government, and commercial buildings.

6. Facilities Management Journal


The Journal is another leading industry publication, but with a focus on the UK and European markets. They post relevant content often and share job postings and white papers so you can take the next step in your career.

7. Built Worlds


Great facility management is about looking to the future and applying technology to operate buildings effectively. Built Worlds posts content about robots and artificial intelligence that doesn’t look too far removed from a science fiction movie. Keep an eye on their analyst reports so that you can learn about new ways to use technology in your facility.

8. the Built Environment


This blog discusses environmental and green building topics along with useful information for facility managers. You can thank Michel Theriault for this great resource, and he also offers services such as consulting and training for facility managers around the world.

9. International Facility Management Association (ifma)


We couldn’t leave out IFMA since it is such a huge player in the FM space. They offer paid and free content with your professional development in mind and claim to have the largest content library in the industry.

10. Smart Buildings Academy


Phil Zito is the creator of Smart Buildings Academy (Formerly Building Automation Monthly), and he writes about building automation systems and other related topics. 90% of this site’s blog posts, podcasts, and courses are free, while their paid products dive further into specializations within the industry.

11. Facilities Manager Magazine


FM Magazine brings in educated and experienced professionals to write about relevant facility management topics. Many readers enjoy Facilities Manager Magazine because of their well-researched content and frequent publishing (six times per year).

12. Maintainx


MaintainX is a well-known task management platform in the industry and have supplemented their product with a useful blog and knowledge center. They focus on streamlining operating procedures for facility managers and the facility maintenance niche.

13. Service Futures


The blog from ISS World covers integrated facility services, people management, outsourcing, and workplace management. Their site has plenty of hyper-relevant blogs, case studies, and white papers to keep the modern facility manager in the know.

14. I-fm.net


This UK-based news source’s headline says, “if you’re in FM, you need to be on i-FM,” and we must agree. Along with their vast store of content, they also provide a contracts database (for keeping track of deals made in the industry) and a supplier’s guide (for finding service providers and consultants).

The website has informational content, job postings, salary information, and editorial interviews that help you do your job better – simple as that.

15. Limble


Limble has collected a lot of data through its CMMS platform and through user surveys. Their blog focuses on useful topics for maintenance professionals across lines of work. You will certainly find something read-worthy for your line of business here.

16. Truein

Truein is a B2B enterprise that uniquely extends its services to encompass facility management companies, with a dedicated emphasis on the US markets. Their blog features meticulously researched articles that delve into enhancing facility management operations and illuminating best practices.