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What Goes Into a Successful Sports Field Lighting Design?

There are so many different types of sports fields – football, baseball, softball, and soccer, and each has its own requirements when it comes to their needs and level of play. Understanding the needs and use of a sports field is paramount for achieving the right light levels and creating balanced lighting in the outdoor space. Understanding pole locations, mounting heights or providing new pole locations is all part of the design.

College Football Stadium

What Are the Typical Sports Field Lighting Foot Candle or Sports Field Lighting Lux Levels?

Unfortunately, there is no one right answer as every sport field is unique, and it depends on the level of play. Further complicating that, baseball and softball fields have different requirements for infield and outfield lighting. The best approach is to contact us, tell us about your sports field needs and your goals, and have us put together a lighting plan for you.

Is There a Difference Between High School Level Sports Field Lighting Standards and Collegiate?

There is, the higher the level of academic study, the more foot candles will usually be needed. This is because some colleges televise their games or have larger stands for more fans to attend, and more light is generally associated with a better viewing and playing experience.